Prime Minister loves our Climbing Frame!

Prime Minister Dunster House Climbing Frame

The staff at Dunster House excitedly sat in the warehouse of our HQ office here in Bedford. Eagerly awaited the arrival of Prime Minister David Cameron. Although visiting to present his campaign to ‘make work pay’, we were more eager to learn about the fate of the Climbing Frame he purchased from us.


The Prime Minister purchased a MonkeyTower Climbing Frame five years ago for his children. It still  in the garden of 10 Downing Street. Before proceeding with his speech, Cameron personally vouch for the strength and durability of his Climbing Frame. Stating that his children are still playing on it constantly. Now, we know that our products are always of the highest quality. We still love it when we receive compliments from our customers. We are so proud that the current leader of our country is so happy with his Climbing Frame. Even after five years. Even more so that his children still like it five years on. It just goes to show that it is longer lasting than the latest games console, phone or anything else they would normally grow tired off quite quickly.



Although the MonkeyTower Climbing Frame is not one that we sell anymore, the features can be found within a variety of our current products. The MonkeyTower Climbing Frame had: Monkey bars, Climbing wall, Slide, Swing Ladder and a sheltered area where your children can catch their breath. The Climbing Frames we have on our website today contain many, if not all, of these fantastic features which are incorporated in their design. If it doesn’t have something you want, why not look at our optional extras.

April 22, 2015

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