Product Launch just in time for the summer!


                                                                            Cecilia Arbour

cecilia arbour

Looking for something a little smaller, but just as high quality? Our brand new Cecilia Arbour will give you all that and more. Bigger than the similar products that we have in our arbour range, this is perfect for relaxing nights in the garden for you and your family.

cecilia arbour 3The trellis sides of the arbour allow the avid gardeners to grow climbing plants. Sit with the sweet scent of honeysuckle and jasmine surrounding you as you relax with your friends and family. Take a book and make the most of your time in the garden, when you are bored of reading and just want to enjoy your garden, you can place your book or drink on the arm rests on either end of the bench, something our competitors can not offer.

With three trellis panels, a bench, armrest, stylish roof and stunning design, our arbours are visually stunning as well as physically  comfortable.  The arbours roof also offers protection from the outdoor elements, and the enclosed design of the arbour ensures a snug place for customers to enjoy their picturesque garden.cecilia arbour 4

If you agree with us that you need these products in your garden, why not look at our websitevisit us in branch or ring our sales team on 01234 272 445 who will be more than happy to help you!

August 10, 2014

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