More productivity- less stress by working from home!

Working from home Garden Office Dunster House

A survey hosted by Nicholas Bloom and graduate student James Liang, co –founder of Chinese travel website Ctrip, gave employees of their call centre the opportunity to work from home for nine months. They split their employees into two groups; half of which were allowed to telecommute and half that remained in the office as a control group. The survey found that those that worked from home were not only happier, but more productive![i]

Along with the saving of approximately £1,113 per employee, as space and furniture for them was not needed. It was found that people working from home completed 13.5% more calls than those who were in the office. That is almost an extra day per weeks work out of them.

Working from home Garden Office Dunster HouseIn this day and age, work is very much technically based.  Meetings can be hosted via video conferencing, communication is mainly via email or telephone. Rather  than face to face and you can be in the office all morning without emerging for air. If you think about the job you do, do you really need to actually be in the office?

Cut the costs

Cut costs, commuting if you are an employee and office rental if you are an employer, by working from home. As long as you are organized, work hard, will meet deadlines. Working from home is not an excuse to sit back and do nothing; this may prove to be the way forward in business.

Therefore the ability to work from home, skip the morning traffic, set your own deadlines and work in comfy clothes, will all add up to a happier work life.

As an employer, the possibilities truly are endless when you, and your employees, work from home. People from all over the world can work for you. This ensures you pick the most talented person for the job. Increasing quality of the work, client lists and ensuring your business thrives. Your client doesn’t need to know that you have a graphic designer from Portugal and a content writer from Scotland, as long as the work gets done!

Working from home Garden Office Dunster HouseOur Garden Offices are a necessity if you are thinking of working from home. Separate your home and work life with ease by having one of these stylish buildings at the end of your garden. Made with pressure treated timber, secure locking systems and electrics installed (you just need an electrician to connect them) this office can be built and ready to go in a matter of days! With the fully insulated walls keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, whats stopping you?

With our Summer Sale extended until the 4th of August, there really isn’t going to be a better time to buy your Garden Office and start making your dream company!




July 22, 2014

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