Providing sanitation for Sudan

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In the UK, we have come to expect the abundance of clean water and sanitation.  They are one of our basic human rights, and one that enhances our daily life, and our country’s development.  For the people of Sudan, this is not an option.

Two decades of ongoing conflict have turned clean water into a rarity.  Children cannot access, or have very limited access to, clean water and sanitation.  This is leading to most children being in poor health, with a third of children under five suffering from diarrhoea resulting in them becoming more dehydrated.  It is a vicious cycle that is killing thousands unnecessarily.  Recent surveys by UNICEF have shown that less than 15 per cent of the people in South Sudan have access to safe and clean water supplies, a figure that Dunster House felt was too low.

Recently involved in a charity project in co-operation with Oxfam, we have already started launching our Raised Latrines and Latrine Superstructures to Sudan and Central African Republic.  Our Raised Latrine has been designed for built up urban areas and locations with rocky ground or high water table.  It features stairs which can be positioned from the front or side for ease in positioning.

The raised platform and waste collection tanks present a stable construction for multiple cubicles, Latrine Superstructures, which can be also securely positioned on top of an 800mm x 1200mm Squat Plate or Trench Latrine.

Latrine Superstructures can be used to replace previous toilet facilities that have been damaged during a crisis.  The construction is light weight and easily transported, meaning that it can be moved through the different towns if needed.

One of the optional extras, if more security is needed, is a 12 V off grid solar PV lighting. The complete system comprises of a 15 Watt PV panel that can be fixed to the roof of a toilet cubicle with a steel power box containing batteries, light sensor and solar charge controller. The LED bulbs are cased securely within the plastic bulkhead, which can be securely positioned above the entrance to a toilet cubicle of a raised latrine or superstructure latrine.

By providing these sanitation solutions to Sudan, whilst we may not be able to stop the conflict, we can try and prevent people dying through conditions that are easily solvable.  We received some pictures of our Latrines being used in Sudan and couldn’t wait to share them with you, the smile on their faces is all the thanks we need.
Providing sanitation to Sudan Dunster House

August 31, 2014

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