Launched on BBC’s The Apprentice!

Rabbitopia Dunster House

Technically we launched our Rabbitopia at The London Pet Show but, last night, we launched the product on the BBC too. This was not via an advert whose annoying jingle gets stuck in your head but rather through the popular BBC show ‘The Apprentice’.

For those of you who are not a fan of The Apprentice, the show features a group of aspiring businessmen and woman competing to win a £250,000 investment into their business. The challenge of episode four saw Lord Alan Sugar turn to all things furry when he sent his contestants off to choose products for animal lovers from the displays and then sell them to the public. They spoke to our Assistant Operations Manager, Rob Close, about our Rabbitopia. In an enthusiastic pitch, Rob explained how rabbit housing today is far from ideal with rabbits often kept inside small hutches where they can’t move around or exercise. He went on to explain that the Rabbitopia was not ‘luxury’ accommodation but rather what rabbits should really have – a space to exercise, play, explore and sleep!

It was a great chance to raise awareness that a hutch is not enough, and showcase what suitable rabbit accommodation really looks like. Rabbitopia is designed specifically for rabbits to cater for their needs and offer domestic rabbit’s life enrichment.

Now, if you aren’t aware, the Rabbitopia is off the shelf rabbit specific accommodation designed by our very own in-house rabbit enthusiast and owner of 10 bunnies. Each aspect of Rabbitopia has been carefully thought through to offer the best possible living experience and life enrichment for domestic bunnies, and cater for all their needs. Features include a SkyBurrow Tower with interaction shelves to climb and jump about, and give a great vantage point; insulated SkyDen for shelter, warmth and shade; timber fox guarding for added security; heavy duty galvanised weld mesh, including roof, to keep out predators and birds of prey; pressure treated high density thick timber to last against the elements and gnawing bunnies; and a full height walk-in enclosure so you can easily enter to access your pets or clean out their home. An optional mesh floor is also available to prevent bunnies digging out and predators digging in.

The design of the Rabbitopia gives rabbits the space to exercise and play when they want, and a sheltered bolthole to safely rest and sleep. The minimum size requirements recommended by the RWAF is a hutch of 6’ x 2’ x 2’ with a run of at least 8’ x 4’. That’s why we don’t sell any Rabbitopias smaller than 13’ x 3’3” (with an overall height of 7’7”), which has almost twice the amount of total recommended living area.

The Apprentices chose cat towers and toys over the Rabbitopia. However, it seems their choice was ill placed as we ended up selling more of ours than both their high end tickets combined – they shouldn’t have doubted peoples love for their rabbits!

To learn more about The Rabbitopia, and ask any questions you may have, visit our Rabbitopia Facebook page or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. For a complete break down of our Rabbitopia, visit our previous blog post by clicking here

October 29, 2015

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