Why raised beds are needed this winter

Raised Beds Dunster House

Gardening is hard work.  Getting up and down, lifting heavy plants, digging into the hard ground and ending up with blisters in places you didn’t know existed.  With this winter set to be a wet one you don’t want to be on your knees gardening, feeling the cold water seeping through your trousers.  Now is the best time to invest in a raised flower bed.  This is a brilliant way of gardening without letting the damp, cold weather stand in your way.

Our Chunky Wood Raised Beds are a wonderful solution to your gardening woes this winter.  The raised mobility friendly flowerbed means that you will not have to bend down as far, reducing the inevitable backache which could slow down your gardening fun.  Made from 45mm pressure treated timber, we provide you with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation, meaning you have a low maintenance attractive focal point to your garden.

Raised Beds Dunster HouseThe recorded rainfall increases between August-March which can result in your plants being damaged due to water logging.  This is when plants spend prolonged periods of time sitting in a flooded ground; this causes yellow leaves, root rot and eventually death.  By getting a raised flowerbed, you can increase drainage control, which should help to prevent it.   Do be careful with the frequency of which you water your plants as they can become dry quicker due to the improved drainage.



The benefits of having a raised flowerbed are vastly recorded but our favourite is the amount of control you have over your garden.  Different flowers need different soil which can be very limiting when you are gardening straight into the ground.  With raised flower beds you can vary the type of soil you put into them meaning you can plant a wider variety of garden plants.  We have a lot of different sizes and varieties meaning you could choose a few and make a display in your garden.
We have done the hard part for you in terms of construction, all of our timber is precut when pressure treated before being flatpacked and sent to you for construction.  All you need to do is find out where to put them and then build it, something that will not be difficult for a competent DIYer.

During this social season, everyone is trying to save time and money, something that we hope to help you to do by providing you with exact specifications of our ChunkyWood Raised Beds, we allow you to calculate exactly how much water and fertilizer you will need to use meaning you will have less waste.  Raised garden beds make maintaining your garden easier, as you know the space you are working with and which plants will be beneficial, meaning you will spend less time maintaining it.

We use our Chunky Wood’s in the Dunster House garden as they are a great way to plant vibrant colours without it becoming too overwhelming. How will you use yours?

Raised Beds Dunster House

November 17, 2014

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