Raised beds vs. planting in the ground

Truggy Wug Raised Beds Dunster House

When thinking about taking up gardening, it is easy to automatically assume that all your plants will simply go in the ground.  There are many benefits to this, which we will go into below, but have you thought of growing in raised beds?


The idea of transforming a whole garden can be daunting.   By using raised garden beds, you can divide your garden into sections whilst still maintaining an elegant look as a whole.  It also makes it easier for those with back issues or who find mobility a challenge can enjoy gardening in comfort.

Get rid of unwanted feet:

By raising your garden above foot level, you severely reduce the chances of foot traffic.  Pets, children and relatives will not be able to walk in the raised beds meaning you are left with loose soil and healthy plants.


By using a raised flower bed, you eliminate the need for an actual garden.  Locations such as terraces, car parks and otherwise inhabitable areas are free for you to use.
You can control the soil used in the garden without it being a major upheaval.  Each raised flowerbed can contain different soil so you can grow a huge variety of plants that would otherwise be unavailable with such ease.

Less waste:

As the gardening space is a lot smaller than in a whole garden, it is easier to calculate the amount of water, fertilizer and any amendments needed.

We want to present you with all the information to ensure that you can make an informed decision over whether you would like to grow in the ground or on a raised flower bed. The pro’s of in ground gardening over raised bed gardening are stated below:

Faster to prepare, cheaper to garden:

In ground gardens are faster to create and cheaper to maintain. This because you do not need to buy soil or the garden bed. You will be able to have an instant garden depending on what plants you are choosing to grow.

Less water needed: 

Raised flowerbeds tend to dry out a lot quicker than in ground gardens. This means you will use less water to maintain them.

Ingrown Irrigation: 

Irrigation systems are all ready built into the ground as it is constantly exposed to changing weather. If you wanted to add extra irrigation to it, this is easier to install than in a raised bed. Otherwise, you would need careful design and installation.

Less permanent: 

You can move an in-ground garden easily if needed whereas flowerbeds are more difficult to move around. This is not an issue for our TruggyWug’s as they are completely mobile.

Truggy Wug Raised Beds Dunster HouseOur Chunkywood raised beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ensure you get the garden you need.   These aesthetically pleasing flowerbeds are pressure treated against rot and insect infestation. We are so confident about this that we provide you with a 10 year warranty.



If you think that the strain of bending will be too much, we also sell the TruggyWug.   This Truggy Wug Raised Beds Dunster Housedisability-friendly gardening bed provides the perfect place for you to nurture your plants and is designed to ensure that gardeners who have mobility restrictions can still enjoy the relaxing benefits of owning their own garden.

September 9, 2014

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