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Skywarren Tower

Skywarren Tower Dunster HouseI have a confession to make. When I first started working at Dunster House I didn’t like rabbits, through no fault of their own. They are so small and breakable (or so I thought). I mistakenly said this within earshot of our rabbit mad Company owner Alex Murphy who promptly brought one of his rabbits in.  I was terrified! But after a hug with Poppet (under the watchful eye of Alex) I realised that I had simply read the wrong information.

When we decided to launch our Rabbitopia range, I scoured the internet to learn everything I could about rabbits. I even had extensive conversations with Alex if I had any questions. (if you ask Alex a question, you will get a detailed answer).


I was shocked at what I found out. According to the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund (RWAF), a rabbit needs space within their hutch to move, stand on their hind legs. In addition to room for food, toilet and sleeping area. Unfortunately, a lot of pet shops sell hutches that are simply not big enough. Unless you know otherwise, a lot of first time owners end up neglecting their rabbits. By keeping them in cramped conditions all their lives.


We first released the Rabbitopia, a revolutionary rethinking of the hutch, which catered to a rabbits every Skywarren Tower Dunster Houseaccommodation needs. Thanks to its galvanised mesh, multi level platforms, sheltered sleeping area and large space to hop, stretch and binky. It incorporated the hutch and run system into one single structure.

We also recognised that many rabbit owners give their rabbits the run of the garden during the day. But still have insufficient space or protection in the hutch that they sleep in overnight.

The hutch has a small space for the rabbit to sleep in and a slightly larger space to move around in which is why Alex worked hard to invent the SkyWarren Tower. The SkyWarren Tower provides rabbits with far more space* than any conventional shop-bought hutch when they are not ruling over your house and garden.


Skywarren Tower Dunster HouseThe structure itself is built to last, providing your rabbit with both protection and security. The 12.5mm Pressure Treated timber is  made with non-toxic arsenic free treatment. Thus it protects the structure from becoming susceptible to rot and fungal decay.

This is crucial for any structure that will be exposed to the harsh elements all year round. To further protect your rabbits from the danger of predators the front of the SkyWarren features 20mm x 20mm 18g galvanised mesh, rather than low grade, inadequate wire that some competitors use, making it harder for predators to chew through or rabbits to chew their way out.

Optional Features

An optional feature that you can add to the hutch door is a huge hay feeder. Made to Alex’s own design, it takes many shop bought ‘bales’ of hay to reduce filling but also crucially pushes the hay forward with the angle of the bottom. Rather than backwards like all similar designs. This makes it easier for the rabbits to eat from it. It also has a solid back and bottom to reduce hay wasteage.

Skywarren Tower floor Dunster HouseThe bottom of the SkyWarren Tower features a unique, slatted toilet floor and drawer system made from 10mm thick WPC. This hutch floor reduces build up of urine and faeces by allowing much to drop through into the removable drawers below.

This not only makes cleaning up after your rabbit a lot easier but it also drastically reduces the chance of flystrike which can be fatal to your bunnies.

Sky Den

To make their way from the floor to the insulated SkyDen (more on that later), the bunnies need to use the enrichment shelves. These not only provide extra floor space for your rabbits to move around and a secure platform where they can look out over the garden, but it also ensures your rabbits are getting exercise and prevent their muscles from getting stiff. From the vantage point, it’s just one hop up to the insulated sleeping area: SkyDen.

The SkyDen is something completely unique and not available anywhere else on the market today. The SkyDen consists of 50mm walls polyurethane insulated walls which will help keep your rabbits warm throughout the winter and cool during the summer months.

Entered from a the bottom rather than the side like conventional hutches,  and insulated with the same material that NASA uses in their space shuttles, the design makes for a far, far better sleeping environment for your beloved buns. For ease of cleaning the SkyDen door can be removed simply by unlatching it and, when closed, the SkyDen gives your rabbits a warm, safe, dark area to unwind in.

To finish the SkyWarren off, you receive a one-piece solid plastic roof to provide your rabbits with much needed protection. The low maintenance material not only saves you time. It also saves you money too as you won’t need to re-felt it.

This beautiful, long-lasting SkyWarren offers your rabbits shelter, protection and accommodation that gives it space to move freely. A luxury so often denied to domestic rabbits.

*The SkyWarren Tower is only to be purchased for use/attachment with a permanent run.

July 29, 2015

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