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Summerhouse Dunster House

Our new spinning summerhouse allows you the control to follow the sun throughout the day or shy away in the shade.

The new Carousel Summerhouse sees our popular Vantage 250 summerhouse placed on a rotating base which can be moved with ease. It can be fixed into either concrete or timber base and has a unique system in place to keep your summerhouse in your chosen position.

This unique Dunster House design was inspired by John Bowler from South East Wales, who sent in a photograph of his Dunster House summerhouse which he had fitted with a rotating base. This allowed Mr Bowler to move his summerhouse with the sun and soak up the countryside view.

Managing Director, Alex Murphy, explains why Dunster were in a spin when they received the photo, “In the last five years we have seen a massive rise in Summerhouse sales and were looking for a new product to bring to our customers and the market. After seeing the innovative design from a customer, we decided to produce our own version using one of our biggest selling summerhouses.”


Carousel Summerhouse Dunster House


The concept of rotating garden buildings, although new to Dunster House, has an interesting history dating back at least 90 years. Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw had a rotating shed in the garden of his Hertfordshire home, which can be seen on the official website for Shaw’s Corner It is rumoured that Shaw would sit there and write, creating many of his great scripts. The rotating summerhouse allows you to take in a different view of your garden each day. With that inspiration no wonder Shaw’s work is so famous!

The walls are made from 16mm Shiplap timber and all windows are made with 4mm toughened glass, a much stronger and more durable material than cheaper horticultural glass or Perspex that some other companies use. The high internal eaves, 1.97m/6’5″, give a spacious feel inside the summerhouse.

So, why not grab some inspiration of your own by bringing something new and exciting into your garden this summer with a Carousel Summerhouse?

June 20, 2013

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