Rounded Thatched Gazebo with square posts

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

We know all of you have different tastes and we want to make sure all of your tastes are catered for which is why we have launched a brand new range of Rounded Thatched Gazebos but with a twist! These ones have square posts. All of the Thatched Gazebos in the range are made from the same high quality materials as the other Thatched Gazebos in our range, such as genuine African Cape Reed Thatch on the roof, hot dipped galvanised steel and pressure treated timber but there is a big difference – the 145mm thick posts are square instead of circular creating an overall more uniform look.

Why is it important that the Thatched Gazebo contains genuine reed and hot dipped galvanised steel amongst other great qualities? It means your Gazebo is built to last and, more importantly; it will keep its stylish finish for years to come ensuring it remains looking as good as when you first build it. We believe in giving you the most in depth, up to date information allowing you to come to your own decision on what is best for you so I’ve decided to break down some of the USPs further showing you exactly why our Thatched Gazebos are the only ones you need:

Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseHot dipped galvanised frame

The panels of genuine African Cape Reed thatch are attached to a supportive framework via clips; not only ensuring the roof retains its high quality finish for years to come but making it easier to construct. The metal framework is hot dipped galvanised steel, making it far stronger that conventional steel as the galvanization gives it a thicker layer of zinc preventing corrosion– we are so confident in the strength and longevity that we give you a 10 year guarantee against structural failure due to rust.



Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseGenuine African Reed

We use real genuine African Cape Reed Thatch on all our Thatched Gazebo range giving you an authentic finish – it really does transform your garden into something you’d find in a holiday brochure. Using a mix of heavy duty and standard panels to give a layered feel these are easily attached before being finished off with a top cone.  If you want a softer look to the inside of your Gazebo, rather than the steel framework, you can opt to add one of our cream coloured canopy liners (available as either an optional extra or included in the Fully Loaded Package)

Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseExtra thick square posts

We don’t want you to have a flimsy Gazebo that blows over the moment the weather picks up which is why we use extra thick square posts on ours. Ours are 145mm thick – up to 60% thicker than many of our competitors – giving you a Gazebo that can easily withstand even the harsher of the British elements (No holding this one down when the wind picks up!).




Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseFully pressure treated

We want to make sure your Gazebo lasts which is why we pressure treat all the timber used. The pressure treatment means your Gazebo is protected from rot and fungal decay without the need to annually apply treatment. We are so confident of this that we offer a 10 year guarantee against it.





In addition to the large range of Gazebos we offer, we also give you a chance to customise your Gazebo with opt for the epitome of luxury: The Fully Loaded. This transforms your Gazebo into the hub of the garden, giving you everything you need to entertain your friends well into the night including balustrades, decking, benches, cushions, curtains and a canopy. Fight off the night time chill by adding a 1.8kw heater with downlight to your Gazebo to ensure that your garden party continues late into the night.

For more information on our Thatched Gazebo range visit our website, speak to our sales team on 01234 272 445 or feel free to ask any questions below.

January 25, 2016

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