Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run!


Our Bunny Mad Director, Alex, recently shared an image of his bunnies happily playing in his home version of the Rabbitopia at 10pm. Crepuscular creatures, your rabbits are most active at twilight and dawn, times when you often are not. This means that, at their most energetic, they are confined to a very small space where they can’t move around freely. I often hear people saying that they let their bunnies out when they come home from work, resting safe in the knowledge that their rabbits can run around in their runs during the day – I mean the shop assistant said ‘luxury’. Unfortunately, this isn’t true, and we’ve found that the runs barely give your rabbits room to hop, let alone run around during the day. They are, also, often made from low quality materials that can easily be broken into or worn down leaving you with a weakened structure and your rabbits with nowhere to go in a predator attack.

The Rabbitat is designed to let you maximise the available space in your garden to give your rabbits as much freedom as possible. Created to have an insulated shelter (the SkyWarren hutch or tower perhaps) within it, or to be permanently attached, the Rabbitat lets your rabbits be themselves and move around whenever they want whilst remaining safe.


Made with the same high quality materials as our Rabbitopia, the Rabbitat consists of very heavy duty 25mm x 25mm, 18G galvanised mesh and 35mm x 35mm Spruce timber.  By using a dense timber such as slow grown Spruce, rather than a cheaper material, it will make it harder for your rabbits to shred and destroy. The Spruce is treated with non toxic, arsenic free, copper chrome which is forced deep within the timber before being kiln dried. This protects the timber from rot and fungal decay for 10 years (we guarantee it!) and, as its non toxic, your rabbits won’t get sick should they decide to chew on it.
At the bottom of each panel, including the door is 400mm high timber fox guarding made from 12.5mm pressure treated timber. This helps protect your rabbit from being nibbled on by a fox, dog or cat whilst they are lying against it. At 400mm high, your rabbit will be less likely to attempt to jump over it when you open the door as they’re unsure what’s on the other side.

The parts of the Rabbitopia panels that not made of pressure treated timber are made of very heavy duty galvanised mesh. Comparing the second moment of area and applying simple beam theory, we worked out that it is approximately 70% stronger than 19G. This additional strength makes it difficult for your rabbits to chew through it and, more importantly, predators to get through it and turn your rabbits into lunch.

To find out more about the Rabbitat, including specification and technical information, visit the Pet Houses category on our website.

Why not make your own?


We know your gardens come in different shapes and sizes so our current Rabbitat range may not work for your garden layout. We also know that you want the best for your rabbit which is why we have released our Rabbitopia panels. These three panels – Full height: W1.0m x H2.3m, Half height W0.5m x H2.3m and door panel W1.0m x H2.3m – give you the chance to maximise the available space within your garden and give your rabbits as much freedom as possible.

You will need to add your own floor and a roof to your enclosure – using minimum 18G, 25mm x 25mm galvanised weld mesh! If you’re not putting your enclosure onto concrete, you must add mesh to the bottom of the enclosure to stop your bunnies digging their way out or predators tunnelling their way in (think its farfetched, we’ve seen it). If you can’t find mesh wide enough to cover the entirety of the enclosure you can overlap it and secure it with cable ties before laying turf over it so it doesn’t hurt your bunnies feet. Make sure you secure it properly.

The Rabbitopia panels start from as little as £25.00. To find out more information, including technical information, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


June 15, 2016

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