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Dunster House Climbing Frame MegaFort

We understand the problem. You know that exercise is good for your children, since all the government advice says so, but those talking heads don’t seem to take one very important factor into account: safety. Public play equipment in your local park may be poorly maintained and rarely cleaned, or you may not have a park within easy travelling distance at all. Your children may to be too young to be allowed “out” with their friends of an evening, or perhaps the road you live near is busy and dangerous. You’re trying to be the best parent you can, but this holiday period has left you and your children frustrated, bored and sick of TV and computer screens.

If you’ve got even a 2m2 space out the back of your home, we can help you.

Climbing Frames MicroFort from Dunster House

Microfort W1.49m x D1.85m

This is the smallest play equipment that we offer, at 1.49 metres wide by 1.85 metres deep. It is suitable for children aged 1 – 3 years old, with a sturdy 0.6m slide and swing for them to enjoy, and a waterproof cover over the platform. The platform is only 0.6m off the ground, thus minimising risks from falling. Our swing hooks which attach the swings to the timber are clamp style swing hooks. This means that they wrap around the timber, rather than the hooks of some competitors which will drill straight through the timber and make it weaker. They also attach with 10mm thick height adjustable ropes as opposed to hard, cold chains which can catch at clothing, fingers or hair, and will rust.

Climbing Frames Lil Lodge from Dunster House

Lil Lodge W1.80m x D2.90m

The Lil Lodge is still compact, at 1.80m by 2.90m, but is designed to cater for older children, at 3 – 10 years old. Your children will love the whimsical wooden house on the platform, which can be accessed via wide steps and exited via the slide. All our slides are made from thick, strong moulded plastic. Underneath the platform, in the shade, there is a space for a sandpit. You can clean and monitor it yourself with no more worries about hygiene!

What if space is no problem at all in your garden? Or your children are older, but still not old enough to be roaming free? What’s the largest piece of play equipment we provide, to give your children the maximum amount of fun?


MegaFort Mountain MKII W7.1m x D4.9m

Our largest climbing frame is the MegaFort Mountain. It’s nearly 3m high (2.91m, to be more specific), and can manage a larger number of children who are up to 14 years old. It has a climbing wall, a ten foot slide, swings, monkeys bars, and two platforms joined by a bridge. Perfect for team games. The stones on our climbing walls are made from the same professional grade material found on adult climbing walls.

But, you may ask despairingly, how do we know that these products are really safe? Don’t worry! We ensure that every one of our climbing frames have these comforting safety features:

  1. All of our play equipment meets the European standard EN71, which means that they meet rigorous EU guidelines for manufacturing and testing for children’s toys. While we did vote to leave the EU, the reassurance of these international requirements hopefully still remains!


  1. Every piece of timber in our climbing frames arrives at your door having been pressure treated. This method forces treatment into the timber, rather than just laying it on top. We are so confident about its ability to resist rot and insect infestation that we guarantee you don’t need to retreat for ten years (provided you don’t bury the products, or leave them in water). Some of our playhouses are not pressure treated, but this is so that you can choose and apply your own colourful treatment to match your garden, or your children’s tastes.


  1. There are no nasty sticking out bolts on our climbing frames, as we make sure to cover them all up with rounded plastic caps. This will stop clothes, scarves or even glasses from getting dangerously snagged.


  1. We use metal braces to add even more strength and solidity to our structures, and pre-drill bolt holes so that you can be certain they are in the correct place.

Hopefully this little post has persuaded you that a Dunster House climbing frame is exactly what you need to get your children outside without jeopardising their safety. You can check out our full range on our website, or please ring our sales team on 01234 272 445 with any questions.




August 31, 2016

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