Why a sauna is a must have this winter!

Sauna Cabin Dunster House

“Here (Britain) saunas suffer a bit from fondue syndrome, being perceived as middle class, suburban and dated. But everyone in Britain should have a sauna to get them through winter.” –Alex James, The Telegraph

I love the above quote. It is so true. As the temperature outside drops, many people bypass the idea of purchasing a sauna, thinking it more of a summer accessory. Let’s dispel this theory.

Colds are common in the winter, weeks of runny noses, fuzzy heads, sore throats and chesty coughs ruin all thoughts of going out. An Austrian study[i] showed that regular sauna sessions can reduce your chance of getting a cold. They studied participants and found those taking regular sauna sessions, over a 6 month period, had less cold symptoms when compared to those that didn’t. It was also found that, if you did suffer a cold, you would recover quicker if having regular sauna sessions as they ease congestion. Scientists are still speculating but think this may be due to the high heat sapping the vitality of cold and flu viruses, similar to that of ‘sweating out a fever’.

There are many health benefits to the sauna including improved blood circulation, weight loss (as your heart rate and metabolism increases up to 50%, the same rate as a fast walk) and skin cleansing. Along with the physical benefits of the sauna, there are also various other benefits such as body and mind relaxation.

In the world we live in, stress can easily build up, which manifests itself in various ways such as aches, pains and migraines. The sauna is an essential place to relax as it helps relax tense muscles and relieves arthritic pain. Your body is far more effective at eliminating toxins in the body leaving you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.  Aim to stay in the sauna for five-ten minutes to begin with before building up a tolerance for the heat, at which point it can increase. Always listen to your body, if you feel hot or faint then stop. Ensure that, after your session, you drink plenty of water to replenish all lost fluid.

The stress of the working day can stop you from sleeping which will can, in term; affect your health like a vicious circle. As our bodies use sleep to heal, rejuvenate and work out problems subliminally it is a vital part of a healthy life. You need 6-8 hours sleep minimally for it to take maximum affect and have a healthy immune system and mental health. Research shows that sauna use can result in a deeper sleep.

Sauna Cabin Dunster HouseOur Meleg Outdoor Wooden Sauna brings the luxury and relaxation of a spa into your back garden, saving you the cost of a weekend away, along with the inconvenience of travelling to your destination. There are two rooms which combing to create your perfect home spa and sauna room. The sauna is heated with an electric heater which provides a dry sauna environment, alternatively you can pour water over the hot stones on the heater to create a real life sauna experience depending on your personal preference.

Available in our sale, this is just £1,999.99 – not much for improved physical and mental health! Visit our website and make the best decision of your life.



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November 18, 2014

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