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PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight garden office

I start the day full of energy and raring to go (after my coffee of course). By three I am starting to feel a little tired and by the end of the day I am exhausted. While the working day may be over I still face the commute home. The next 50 minutes of my day are filled with traffic jams, angry drivers, petrol stations and a journey that feels like it gets longer every time I drive it.

This is a daily occurrence for most of you, albeit maybe not 50 minutes, but the feeling is the same. You arrive home stressed out and tired. Only to realise you still have dinner to cook, kids to put to sleep and a house to run. The time it takes you to get home is valuable time wasted meaning you have little, if any, time to unwind before you need to be asleep if you hope to wake up refreshed in the morning.

Think of it this way: if you work 20 minutes away from work then you spend 40 minutes of your day travelling. This may not seem like much, but that’s over 13 hours a month spent in your car. Just imagine what you could do in 13 hours. What if we said that we can give you an opportunity to not feel like this? To cut out that commute each day and give you your rare time back.

Garden Office

With one of our Garden Offices, you can get your time back. Our Garden Offices combine the practicality of working away from an office. In addition to your home comforts and design ideas. That way create a working environment that is personalised to your business and increase your productivity. It also cuts your commute to work down to just a few minutes a day – perfect.

We have recently expanded our range to include our Contemporary Garden office meaning we have a Garden Building for everyone. Of course some people would prefer to work from a Log Cabin, which is just as high quality. However, for the purpose of this blog we’ll focus on the Garden Office range exclusively.

Garden Office Dunster HouseOur Garden Offices present a professional finish thanks to the brown additive we add during the pressure treatment to remove the unsightly green that is often left. Delivered in kit formation, a style unique to Dunster House, the panels simply slot together creating a rigid completed building making it stronger than many of the alternatives available on the market today. The professional look of the Garden Office with  the plasterboard finish allows our Garden Office to stand out amongst the others on the market.

As well as the technical advantages of our Garden Office, we feel that we have the most aesthetically pleasing Garden Office in the market too. Our design teams make sure that the office will be striking not only to employees and potential clients but to your friends and family too. By adding one of these gorgeous offices to your garden you show everyone around you that you are seriously investing in your business and that they should too – ideal if you are a freelancer.

Contemporary Garden Office

Garden Office Dunster HouseOur contemporary Garden Offices will change the future of Garden Offices everywhere. The modern style Garden Office is available in two designs, the plain design and the Tudor design. Thanks to the resin finish you can still enjoy the low maintenance perks regardless of your choice.

It is all down to your personal preference. From the pressure treated floor bearers, to the panelised walls, this office requires very little maintenance.

Screws, a screwdriver and a bit of DIY knowledge are all you need to start using your home work space. We do offer an installation service for this garden office. So we will supply and fit the office for you, if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

March 31, 2015

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