Secure your garden building!

Secure your garden building Dunster House

Before purchasing your garden building there are a couple of security concerns you need to think about. It’s not the nicest thing and it’s not what you ideally want to think about when you’re excited about purchasing something new, but in the worst case scenario you’ll thank yourself for forward planning and ensuring your cabin is secure!

Step 1: Secure your garden building.

The first is something you’ll have already planned, that is where your garden building will situated within your garden. Where you place your garden building can strongly influence its perceived attractiveness to potential thieves. If a garden building is in a dark corner not visible from your house, its an easy target for the opportunist burglar.

It is strongly recommended – where possible – to position your garden building near to your home. This will increase the chance of you spotting an intruder. Similarly, if the garden building is positioned within the view of your neighbours’ homes, the potential number of eyes that could spot an unwanted visitor increases. If you follow these pieces of advice and locate your garden building sensibly, the chances of a thief targeting your property will dramatically reduce.

Step 2: Home Insurance Policy

You should also make sure that your home insurance policy covers your garden buildings. It is an all too common occurrence to forget about garden buildings. However, all good home insurance providers have policies that include garden buildings and their content. In the occurrence of a worst case scenario insurance can be your last line of defence.

Step 3: Prepare for the unexpected

Sometimes the more determined burglar will still find a way of gaining access to that which isn’t theirs. If this unfortunate event were to happen to you, there are a few measures you could take to help you regain any stolen items. Once recovered by the proper authorities.

You can use a pen or an ultra violet marker to scrawl your personal details on all of the removable items stored in your garden buildings. In a similar vein, forensic marking is another option for valuables. A code that is unique to the owner, allowing for stolen property to be easily identifiable. Both of these techniques will help the police recover, identify and return the stolen property.

You can also register your property with immobilise, which is a free service that works in conjunction with the UK police to reduce crime and return recovered personal property to their rightful owner.

November 28, 2013

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