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Sentry Box Dunster House

Origin of the Sentry Box

The term Sentry Box  originated between 1695 and 1705, according to dictionary.reference.com. It means ‘a small structure for sheltering a sentry from bad weather’ (a sentry was a soldier).  Nowadays, the idea is similar. Although they aren’t providing shelter for soldiers but rather equipment that’s vital for the maintenance of your garden.

Multiple Uses

I live in a place with a small garden, well, terrace really but I still like container gardening.  As I can’t drag my muddy gardening equipment through my flat, I often end up storing them in an old disused garden bin. Unfortunately it becomes waterlogged every time it rains. I cannot count the amount of equipment I have had to replace because they’ve rusted from water exposure. Many people I know are in similar situations. Their garden is too small for a full sized shed. It would overwhelm it and leave them with not much space.  Our Sentry Box combines storage and size. It’s wide and deep enough to store bulky items such as lawnmowers etc and at 6’ 11” it is also tall enough to store your long handled garden equipment such as rakes, garden brooms, spades etc.

We know your gardening equipment can become heavy and some sheds on the market just aren’t designed for this, often breaking on impact. The Sentry Box consists of a 35mm x 35mm strong framework providing solid foundations for the easy to build 12.5m tongue and groove wall boards to connect to making DIY easy. To finish off the stylish look, we use MFP on the floor and roof. To finish the Sentry Box, and make construction easier, we supply the roof in one hinged piece making it easier to construct.

Customise your sentry box

The Sentry Box will be delivered to you untreated allowing you to customise the final look. In addition it ensures it fits in with your garden theme. Treating the Sentry Box is vital for protecting it against rot and fungal decay which is why we offer 3 tiers of treatment with a range of colours to choose from. So, to finish off the final look of the Sentry Box; you can choose from felt, shingles in green, red or black and or black hexagonal shingles black.

The Sentry Box adds storage and style to your garden without taking up too much space. Throw away your rickety old shed which is an eyesore, tarnishing your garden. And replace it with a Sentry Box to maximise the space you have for flowers, turf, raised flower beds or even a Garden Building.

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August 16, 2015

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