Shed construction: A video guide

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Shed Construction

When your shed first arrives in its kit formation, the idea of building it can be daunting. We do offer installation but, if you are like me, you may want to build it yourself. Our Director, Andy Murphy, talks you through the main points in this easy video guide

A few key stages:

  1. Layout and plan
    When you first get your shed, layout the parts strategically so that they are close at hand when building.
  2. Square up
    Lay your bearers down, along with the framework, and secure them with the fixings provided. Take a tape measure and ensure your foundation and bearers are square. If they aren’t square then you will need to adjust them until they are – this is a vital part.
  3. Laying the floor
    When laying the floor boards, you need to start with the flat edge, not ridged, and then simply work your way up the floor, ensuring each board sits flush before securing each board to the bearer.
  4. Prepare the panels
    Pre drill your panels – drilling 3 holes in the lower panels frame and just 2 in the corners of the top panels. These are now ready to be put in position. When positioning these onto the floorboards, ensure that the overlap on the lower panel frame touches the floorboard; this ensures it is in the correct position.
  5.  Reinforce your shed
    Once the upper panels are in place, you need to add additional framing to make your shed even stronger. You may want to pre drill these to make it easier. Please note: pay close attention to the instructions as some of the framing sits in front of the panels and some sit beside it. When in place, add the brackets to further secure it to the floor
  6. Preparing the roof frames
    Using a 70mm screw, secure the two pre-cut piece of timber together. Once these are level and secure its time to add the triangle with 50mm screws – preparing your roof is as easy as that!
  7. Add the panels
    To make building your roof even easier (yes, it is possible) we give you the timber in panels that are easily secured to the frames you prepared earlier. You’ll need to make sure the panels overhang sits equal on the back and front (it can be tricky) before nailing them into the roof frame.
  8. Frame your shed
    After the roof is secure, you need to screw the wind brace into the fascias – make sure the trims line up perfectly (check the video). We give you trims that are pre-cut and specifically designed to close up the gap between the roof and the shed, plus a sleek finish to the corner of the sheds, giving you a perfect finish.
  9. Fix the doors
    You need to attach the hinges to the door, screwing into the brace below. If you prepare the hinges before positioning the doors. Please note: pay close attention to the video for helpful tips on how to attach them
  10. Add your shingles
    As hexagonal and square shingles can differ in instructions, ensure you check the assembly instructions. Simply line these up before securing them to the roof – it can be time consuming but is so worth it.

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