Sheds don’t have to be rickety!

Dunster House Sheds

When you think of a garden shed, what comes to mind? Is it a discoloured and rotten garden building with dents and holes caused by items thrown in haphazardly after a busy day?  Our PremiumPlus sheds eliminate this eventuality, by combining thick 16mm cladding with pressure treatment to ensure the timber does not become weakened by rot or insect infestation for at least ten years. We offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation with no need for you to re-treat the timber at all for the whole of that 10 years! Although this does not prevent spiders from moving in, sorry!

Replace your old eyesore with a new modern, strong garden shed. We create low maintenance; high quality garden sheds which are suitable for a wide variety of garden uses and styles. Fairly uniquely to Dunster House we also choose to not only pressure treated ALL of the timber, but we also add a brown colourant during the treatment process to ensure it is more in keeping with your garden than the green colour pressure treatment conventionally used. Our dark brown sheds will give a nice contrast to the green of the rest of your garden.

Shed Features

Structurally, the shed has multiple features to help it remain strong and sturdy for years to come. Sat on 70mm x 35mm pressure treated bearers to provide a structurally sound and even base, The heavy 70mm x 35mm framework and 70mm x 35mm roof beams deter the 16mm thick individual roof, wall and floor boards from sagging or becoming damaged should you drop anything against them such as a bike (If you are only storing bikes than you may benefit more from our bike storage shed).

Sheds Interior Dunster House

The strong roof beams stop the roof from sagging

We frequently demolish the stereotypes that are associated with sheds such as them being claustrophobic environments. Our internal eaves are typically higher than others at 6’1” (1.86m) at the point where the bottom of the rooftrusses begin, the roof beams are higher still, giving you plenty of room to move around within the shed without bumping your head. The majority of our sheds are less than 2.5m, despite the brilliant spacious interior, meaning you don’t have to worry about planning permission to build these; you can put them anywhere you like.



Toughened Glass On Our Sheds

Our sheds have windows which allow the light to shine through. Thus making it easy to find what you are looking for inside. The windows are internally beaded making it easier for you remove a pane of glass from the inside, should it ever become damaged. It also makes it harder for people to break in from the outside. The glazing in our sheds is not the typical Perspex which can cloud over time and flexes in the wind, we only usemm toughened glass which means they can usually withstand a stray football and will remain scratch free and clearer for far longer than plastic alternatives. Our Director, Andy Murphy, tested the glass with a brick. In the video below, you can see just why our glass is best on the market:

If your glass does happen to break, it will shatter rather than leave shards of glass around which can be dangerous if stepped on. So they are better all round.

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January 23, 2015

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