The Shepherds Hut

Shepherds Hut Dunster House

New to our range of Log Cabins, the Shepherds Hut defies our new design with its curved roof which gives an understated elegance.

Made with slow grown spruce, as are most of our products, the timber within this hut is less likely to warp or split. Of course, as with all timber, it will enlarge and shrink throughout the year.  However, as we know about this, we choose slow grown timber from colder climates as they help keep the timber more stable.  It also helps to reduce the amount of sap that comes from the timber meaning you can protect your clothes, products and any furniture you choose to keep within it.

Our Shepherds huts are unbelievably dynamic, not only suitable for a home office or retreat but they are also ideal for camping sites and holiday parks thanks to their double glazed windows and 60mm wall thickness. Perfect for keeping the warmth in on the crisp winter mornings! Whether you are using this professionally or recreationally, security is crucial!  The door on the hut has a 9 point locking system with a 6 pin euro cylinder lock barrel. The side window is secured with mushroom espagnolette making it difficult for intruders to get in.

Customisation and planning permissions

Choose the finishing look of your Shepherds Hut as you choose from our variety of wall preservatives. Maybe you would like a festively fabulous ‘Holly Green’ or a more neutral ‘Light Oak’. With twelve colours to choose from, the choice is yours.  The frames of the doors and windows are a deep grey. They definitely will fit in with any surrounding colour or environment. In addition the frames are made from 28mm toughened glass. They are harder to break and able to withstand stray footballs kicked with bad aim during the family football game,

Under permitted development rights: all buildings under 2.5m high can be placed close to a boundary without having to get planning permission. We have specifically designed our Shepherds hut to meet this requirement. So do not have to worry when purchasing them!

December 16, 2014

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