Sky’s the limit for New Stargazing Gazebo

Gazebo Erin from Dunster House

Dunster House, a leading Garden Buildings manufacturer and supplier, is hoping to annualise the hot tub experience. By eliminating the weather as a factor with their new range of Erin Gazebo.

Gazebo Erin from Dunster House

Launched at the Aquanale Exhibition in Cologne on 27th-30th October 2015 the brand new range of Pressure Treated timber Gazebos combine exposure and privacy in equal measure whether a warm day in the height of summer or an icy day in middle of winter.

Available to both retailers and independent consumers, the Erin Gazebo features a unique shatterproof Perspex dome which sits on a timber support structure on top of the Gazebo allowing the air to circulate and provide maximum ventilation preventing condensation building up without reducing the amount of privacy the Gazebo provides. The dome, made from Polyester Terephthalate Glycol, is not only strong but transparent to allow plenty of sunlight to enter the Gazebo throughout the day and allow users to enjoy a clear view of the night sky without experiencing the nighttime chill.

As British weather is infamously volatile, often making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Dunster House used only the strongest, durable and long-lasting materials in both the Erin Gazebos foundation and the timber wall panels. Even the slow grown Spruce timber, known for its less permeable cell membrane wall making it weather-resistant. The gazebo is fully Pressure Treated adding further protection from the weather. So, making the Gazebo resistant to rot and fungal decay.A guarantee for 10 years.

Even the smallest details have been carefully considered; take the four available roofing options for example, each consisting of high quality materials to offer an additional layer of weather resistance regardless of budget.

Gazebo Erin from Dunster House

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance Gazebo is available in two sizes. It caters for a large customer base by offering a range of timber wall panels. Thus, enabling customers to create a Garden Structure that suits their individual needs and requirements. The three designs of timber panels: louvre wall, half height solid wall and a full height front wall panel. You can buy them in individual units giving consumers and suppliers the option to add up to three sides. The compartmentalisation of these wall panels as extras give buyers a multitude of options to choose from. As they can opt for one design exclusively or to mix the panels. Thus allowing them to control the degree of privacy or exposure they need.

In addition, Dunster House offer extras that help complete the luxury package. Such as decking. Thus providing a warmer, sturdier base than gravel or slate when entering and exiting the Hot tub.

Chris Murphy, CEO of Dunster House, who has developed his initial idea for the Erin Gazebo and supervised the project from design to creation, says

“Over the last 21 years we’ve grown into the UK’s largest garden building supplier. We thought it was now time that we brought our expertise and experience to the Hot Tub enclosure market. With the Erin Gazebo we’re now offering a hot tub enclosure. It boasts unique features, high quality, and also low prices due to our economies of scale.”

November 21, 2015

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