Small in structure, big on storage

Greenhouse Storage Dunster House

I receive a lot of comments via Facebook and Twitter from customers who are disgruntled. Not with our products, they’re too high quality for that, but because they can’t fit these Garden Buildings in their garden. They see the images we share of our Log Cabin, Summerhouse, Garden Office, Sheds and Garages and get upset that they can’t have them in their garden.

We conducted a lot of research, listened to your comments and designed a variety of products. They may be small in size but give you plenty of storage! Just in time to get your garden in tip top shape this summer.

Bike Storage Shed

Having a bike, whilst fun, is often problematic when you are limited on space. Our Bike Storage Shed keeps your bikes safe from unwanted visitors, bikes from becoming weathered and, due to the sheds clever design, takes up very little space in your garden. Made from 16mm shiplap timber[i] and delivered to you in panels for easy construction, the Bike Storage Shed is far from the rickety old sheds available on the market. The robust structure offers security and shelter to your bikes, tools and anything else you decide to store within it.

All the timber used in the Bike Storage Shed has been pressure treated against rot and fungal decay, a feature that allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee against exactly that. We have a brown additive added during the treatment process so your Bike Storage Shed is a rich brown colour rather than an off green ensuring it fits in with any garden theme. Bike Storage Dunster House

Sentry Box

A lot of garden tools have long, bulky handles that can be difficult to fit in anywhere. They’re only meant to be in a shed. Many sheds, like our Bike Storage Shed, simply don’t have the height you need.  At 2.12m (6’ 11”) tall, our Sentry Box has been designed with this use in mind. The Sentry Box has 12.5mm tongue and groove walls, again delivered to you in panels, which are attached to a strong 35mm x 35mm framework. To make construction that much easier, the MFP roof is supplied hinged so it’s easier to attach. You could probably build the Sentry Box in as little as a weekend.

The Sentry Box is delivered to you untreated, but with a large selection of coloured treatments to choose from, giving you the opportunity to decorate it any way you choose. Treating the Sentry Box is vital for protecting it against rot and fungal decay which is why we offer 3 tiers of treatment with a range of colours to choose from. To finish off the final look of the Sentry Box; you can choose from felt, shingles in green, red or black and or hexagonal shingles in black.

Storage for the garden Dunster House

Mini Storage Shed

In addition to long handled tools, gardening requires the use of chemicals and sharp smaller tools. Such as vegetable hoes, harvesting knives and even hatchets. They cab be particularly dangerous to have lying around in the garden. Our Mini Storage Shed provides a space, far stronger than the rickety shed commonly found in gardens, where you can store these safely out of reach of little children. Like the previous two storage solutions mentioned, the 12.5mm walls are delivered to you in panels making construction easier. The Mini Storage Shed not only has wide opening 0.550m (1′ 9”) x 1.056m (3′ 5″) doors but an opening top so that all three storage points can be maximised.

Although classed as mini, inside the Mini Storage Shed is 1.2m (3’ 11”) wide and 0.57m (1’ 10”) deep worth of space to fill. Inside the Mini Storage Shed are two shelves, at different heights, giving you three big spaces to fill. It’s perfect for storing larger gardening materials such as planting compost, firewood, wellies and anything else cluttering your garden.

Storage for the garden Dunster House

Mini Greenhouse

It’s hard to have a Greenhouse when you have limited space. As they are commonly thought of as large structures. Our Mini Greenhouse gives you all the great benefits of our larger Greenhouses but on a smaller scale, letting you save space whilst still growing plants. In similar fashion to the Mini Storage Shed, the Mini Greenhouse has multiple shelves allowing you to store plants of varying heights while still having room in the top to start planting seedlings until they are ready to be transferred to the garden.

The glass in the windows and opening lid is not the weak 3mm horticultural glass commonly found in the marketplace. It’s rather 4mm toughened glass.  This type of glass is easier to clean and gives your plants plenty of light. It’s also strong enough to withstand an occasional stray football hitting it. This glass is held in place with internal beading, making it easier to replace should a breakage occur.

Storage for Greenhouses Dunster House

All four of these Garden Structures offer fantastic storage for a house with a small garden or flat with a balcony or terrace. We know that gardens come in different shapes and sizes and that your individual uses and needs are different so, naturally, the Garden building you need may differ.

Our website features a filter where you can limit your results by building shape, size, tier, budget, range and a host of other things that will help you find the best building for your garden. If you can’t find it, don’t despair, ring our sales team on 01234 272 445. They have technical knowledge and will help you find a building to suit your preference and budget.

July 21, 2016

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