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Gazebo in the garden with tea table and two chairs

Make your garden special!

Sometimes you want a space in your garden where you can simply sit and take some time away from it all. A place where you can catch up with your friends and family or, if you’d prefer, alone.  However, you may look at our Log Cabins or Summerhouses and think they are too big or not right for your garden. We like to give you options when it comes to your garden, options like the Oval Otteridge Gazebo.

Oval Otteridge Gazebo

The Gazebo combines the shelter and shade of our Log Cabins with the exposure our Summerhouses provide. We want to make construction as easy as possible for you. That is why the Oval Otteridge Gazebo is delivered to you in preassembled panels. With a little bit of DIY know how, you could build it in a weekend. The 70mm x 70mm timber uprights create a strong structure to start building on so your Gazebo won’t sway at the first sign of wind. The three full timber panels which make up the back of the Gazebo consist of 15mm shiplap timber which is fixed to a 35mm x 35mm timber framework.  This framework is screwed to the 70mm x 70mm uprights giving even more support and creating a solid structure.

Gazebo "Otteridge" Garden design

Decorative and long lasting

At the front of the gazebo are decorative balustrades. These are made from the same slow grown spruce and really help add to the overall look of the gazebo. If you choose to you can add planters that are brimming with colourful plants. Grow plants up the side or wrap fairy lights around them. It’s totally up to you. These are attached to the thick 19mm floor which has been pressure treated to protect the timber against rot and fungal decay. By protecting the floor, as well as the floor bearers, we can protect the elements of the gazebo which are exposed to the damp for a prolonged period of time giving you a longer lasting, more durable structure. We’re so confident in the protection that our pressure treatment gives that we offer you a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation without the need to retreat it.

Gazebo in the garden with tea table and two chairs

Easy to built

To finish your Gazebo off, we give you a 15mm roof. Like the rest of the Gazebo, we deliver it to you in panels consisting of ready assembled shiplap timber. This takes the stress, and time, out of building the roof. Once the 140mm x 45mm roof beams are built, which you could do on the ground before fixing it to the Gazebo structure. You can slide the panels into place before securing them down with the fixings we provide as standard. It may seem daunting but the instruction manuals we provide make this easy.

Once the Gazebos built, it’s up to you how you use it. The walk-through height of at least 6’ (1,840mm). It means your guests can walk around freely without the fear of bumping their heads. It also makes transporting furniture in and out of the Gazebo without bumping it that much easier.

Gazebo in the garden

Our Otteridge Gazebo is currently down to £799.99. To order yours today, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

September 19, 2016

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