A Thank You letter from very special people

Thank You Letter Dunster House

We received a thank you letter from the Breast Cancer Campaign. In it they express their thanks for the £42.00 we donated to them following our fundraising efforts. Whilst we did not necessarily ‘wear it pink’, we did pay money to dress up for the day on Halloween. Originally starting as a scary dress up day, it was quickly expanded to simply fancy dress so that everyone could get involved.

Thank You Letter Dunster House

The marketing team came up with a list of suggested organisations and we all voted on which ones we would donate to. Both the Breast Cancer Campaign and the Woodgreen Animal Shelter were picked. This is not to say that the others won’t be picked after future fundraising activities.

Whilst we do not do this for the thanks, it is always gratefully received.

Thank You Letter Dunster House Thank You Letter Dunster House



December 5, 2014

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