Spiel Caravan: Not just for kids!

Spiel Caravan Dunster House

Within our range of unique Climbing Frames and PlaySystems, we sell the wonderful Spiel Caravan. Based on the design of old style gypsy caravans, this stunning range includes two different sizes W1.1m x D2.9m and W1.1m x D2.4m. These are the same style and design, the choice is solely up to your personal preference!

Spiel Caravan Dunster HousePrimarily, we sell these as Playsystems for children and these are fantastic for this purpose (more on that later) but you can also use them in your garden. These easily constructed Garden Buildings provide are both light and airy thanks to the open door and window which allows plenty of light in – we even have a window box for the plants that require extra sunlight.  The ladder leading up to the Spiel Caravan is made with extra thick steps – perfect for holding the weight of your favourite potted plant. Alternatively, you could place candles or fairy lights amongst the steps and balustrades to give the caravan a romantic finish.

The main space, alternatively known as a Playhouse or Den, provides you with enough space to grow anything you want or need in your garden. Although it would be slightly cramped (We have seen images of Spiel Caravans with tables and people inside so we know it can be done) you can even enter the caravan to move the plants around. Ideal for the growing seasons where some will need to be taken out to be planted in the garden and seeds will need to be planted.

The beautiful wheels are just for decoration and remain stationary, ensuring you won’t wake up with your Spiel Caravan halfway across your garden after a particularly windy night. Once it is built, you can paint it any colour you choose as our Spiel Caravans will arrive to you untreated.

Why not purchase one of our fantastic Spiel Caravans for your garden and give your neighbours a focal point for when they peek over your garden fence?

These also make great play areas for children too as John Edwards pictures show. They converted their Spiel Caravans into a play area for their children. There was enough room inside for a table, chairs, storage cupboard and for two small children and an adult to fit inside. It is just a short trip up the stairs for children to enter a world of imagination and discovery.

Spiel Caravan Dunster House Spiel Caravan Dunster House

June 7, 2015

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