We are at the Spogagafa trade fair!

Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House

On Wednesday, the Dunster House export team flew out to Cologne, Germany to attend the Spogagafa garden trade fair. From today until the second of September, they will be exhibiting just a selection of our amazing products to 41 other exhibitors, and 40,000 visitors to the prestigious event.

The products we are taking with us are:

Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Candy CartCandy Cart

Ideal for wedding, christening, birthday parties, corporate or anniversaries and any celebration you can think of! Our Candy Cart can be used to place products, presents, sweets or other buffet styled food. We currently have one to purchase in our clearance section



Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Garden Office

Contemporary Garden Office

This is a prototype of an office we are going to launch very soon so keep your eyes peeled. It offers an alternative to pressure treated wood, giving your office a more modern feel to it.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House ToiletEco Composting Toilet

The ‘Eco-Composting Toilets’ are timber outhouses with a urine diversion system to enable the collection and storage of waste for future use.
Two waste collection bins are provided underneath the toilet, which can be swapped to allow for the drying process once the first bin is full. Urine can be diverted into a separate container or into a soak-away in the ground outside of the building.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Picnic TableHeavy Duty Picnic Table (with wheelchair access)

Our heavy duty Picnic Table from Dunster House comes in a traditional style made from durable, pre-cut pressure treated timber giving our picnic table a long life able to withstand regular use. This timeless classic has been adapted by Dunster House for use for people with mobility restrictions. By making the table higher than the traditional picnic table we have made it more comfortable for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to sit at the table with friends without hitting your legs.

Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House StoveHopestove

The Hopestove was primarily meant for humanitarian purposes. However, it still offers an attractive and easy to carry cooking stove for any camping trip. Available as two different ‘Kits’, it provides plenty of space to position up to four pots or pans by including a detachable side warming shelf. Easy to assemble, the Hopestove packs down neatly in order to be transportable to any outdoor scenario and to not take up much space.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Climbing Frame Maxifort Frontier Climbing Frame

Our MaxiFort Frontier will provide a fascinating area where your children can get lost in a world of their own imagination. Built with large timber sections of spruce and provided with ground anchors for extra support, this climbing frame will keep those little minds occupied and kept safe.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Log CabinPremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin

 The PremiumPlus Severn Log Cabin (4m x 3m) is the perfect outdoor room for use as a summerhouse, home office building, workshop or hobby area. Not only will it provide extra living space, it will add value to your property whilst becoming an attractive feature that will complement the natural environment

Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House StoveRocket Stove

Our Rocket Stove is a clean burning and efficient wood burner, making it perfect for BBQs and garden parties. Cook up a flame grilled meal for your friends and family on a stove. It’s guaranteed to become a talking point, thanks to its unique looks and interesting design.

Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House Spiel CaravanSpiel Caravan

 Our timber built Spiel Caravan is pressure treated in order to be durable in any weather condition. So your children can take advantage of an exciting play area all throughout the year. We have seen these used as ornate garden ornaments to; they look amazing full of flowers.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House BBQ StoveThe Murphy Stove

The Murphy Stove features a 20 litre stainless steel cooking pot for stews and curries, heavy duty grill for steaks and burgers. In addition, a circular hotplate for boiling pots and pans. However we are also offering the three optional extras of ‘Pizza Oven’, ‘Smoker’ and a ‘Paella Dish’. You can attach them to the stove for further selection of meals.


Spogagafa trade fair Dunster House WeddingWedding Wishing Well

Wishing well is becoming more and more popular among bridal couples. It gives their guests the opportunity to express personal congratulations and goodwill. You can add it to the guest book table. Also you can accessorise it with note cards for guests who choose to share a wish with bride and groom. Cards can easily fit through the slot in the lid of the wishing well. Then you can easily remove when you need to get access to your cards.


August 30, 2014

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