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Glamping Cocoons

I love camping. Between the ages of 13 and 18 I joined the Army Cadets. Also, the Sea Cadets and pretty much any form of Cadets. This meant I spent the majority of my weekends in a field under a tent. I say under because it wasn’t the conventional domed tents you would normally take with you. It was brilliant to be away from any distractions and simply recharge. However, I would come home with aching legs and back from lying on the cold had floor.

Many people seem to feel the same way as me. The popularity of entering a pre arranged comfortable tent with all your home comforts rises above the idea of spending a night of potentially wet floors and creepy crawlies. This popular holiday accommodation isn’t showing any signs of letting up if the Camping and Caravanning Club is anything to go by – in the last year they’ve seen an increase of 15% in families taking glamping holidays[i]. With the steep rise of popularity it’s hardly surprising that many people are starting their own Glamping business and doing very well at it too.

Glamping Cocoons

So how can we help you? Our Glamping Cocoons take all the pressure out of creating accommodation for your business. Made from slow grown spruce timber, the domed Glamping Cocoon emulates conventional tents in shape only. Its unique design means your clients experience all of the positives camping has to offer without any of the negatives. We have designed our Glamping Cocoons to be less than 2.5m high so you can place them as close as you want to a boundary such as fence or wall. That means you can place the Glamping Cocoon as close together, or far apart, as you want depending on your available space.

You want to make sure you can offer your clients security when staying on site which is why our Glamping Cocoons come with a four point locking system featuring a hook, locking latch and two roller locks. These are not just locks but Rasp cylinder locks which creates a more secure locking system that prevents robbers from ‘lock bumping’ or ‘cylinder snapping’. Of course you can carry a spare key incase your customers lose them during their hike or bicycle ride.

The biggest problem I found when camping was the cold. I would freeze overnight and wake up aching in the morning. While we can’t do anything about the furniture, we do make sure it is a cosy place to be by adding polyurethane under the floorboards. This insulation, although slightly more expensive, is far superior to alternatives such as rockwool or polystyrene. Meaning you won’t have to invest time and money into installing complex heating systems to your cocoons. Your guests will remain toasty without you having to pay extortionate heating costs. It’s a win win!

The large interior space of the Glamping Cocoon means you can transform it to as you like. Whether its luxurious or basic. One of our customers added a double sofa bed, small fridge, kettle, heater, lighting and crockery and cutlery for 2 people. Yet, they still had space to move around. Outside they created an al fresco dining area, with a chimera to keep customers warm. Where they could sit and simply enjoy nature. All these home comforts are what guarantee your business will have people coming from all across the country for a weekend.

Glamping Cocoons Glamping Cocoons

Take advantage of the exciting growth opportunity we currently have in the UK market by purchasing our Glamping Cocoons. This non obtrusive accommodation lets you show off some of nature’s most beautiful places. You may be a start up business or an established campsite looking to expand the services you offer. Either way these cost effective pods will help you bring in untapped revenue.

To order your Camping Cocoons today, and get your business off of the ground, visit our website today! Alternatively you can call our knowledgeable sales team on 01234 272 445 – feel free to ask any questions down below.


March 6, 2016

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