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Pavilion in Italy from Dunster House

It can be hard deciding which of our Garden Structures to add to your garden, especially when there is such a large variety of Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Gazebos, Pergolas and Shelters to choose from. Do you want a full timber structure like our Vantage Summerhouse, a combination of canvas and timber like our Tahiti Pergola, a smaller structure where you can sit and enjoy your garden like the Brenin Arbour or a little taste of the exotic with our Gerlinde Arbour? I am obviously a fan of all of our products; I couldn’t write blogs about them if I didn’t, but one if my favourites are our large range of Venetian Pavilions.

Pavilion in Italy from Dunster House
The roof of the Venetian Pavilion is as unique as it is beautiful, ensuring your structure stands out from the crowd and makes a beautiful focal structure that will get your guests talking for all the right reasons. Made from full lengths of timber, rather than separate offcuts that can create a weaker structure, meaning the timber in your Pavilion is less likely to break if hit by a stray football. The slats themselves have been spaced apart in a very specific manner, leaving enough space between them so you still have a beautiful view of the crisp blue sky but close enough that you are shaded from harmful UV rays and are not exposed to the elements. I know the idea of manually securing individual lengths of timber can seem daunting which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you. The slated roof will be delivered to you in prebuilt panels making construction simple – you could do it in as little as a weekend.

The eye-catching roof is fixed to solid 86mm x 86mm thick timber uprights topped with strong corner braces that help to further create a solid structure that won’t bend or blow away at the first sign of wind. To strengthen the Venetian Pavilion further, the bottom of each of the timber posts has hot dipped galvanised steel fixings which help you secure your Pavilion to concrete, decking or a base of your choice. We are so confident of the strength and longevity of our galvanised steel bases that we offer you a 10 year guarantee against structural failure caused by rust so you don’t need to worry about your structure weakening over time.

Pavilion in Italy from Dunster House

All the timber used in our Venetian Pavilions is pressure treated. This treatment not only gives the timber a rich brown finish that will compliment any garden of style or shape but protects the timber against rot and fungal decay for up to ten years without the need to annually apply treatment. Once the pavilion is built, it is ready to be used. Ideal for getting your garden ready for all the parties you are going to throw this year. The high quality materials we have chosen are a far cry from the substandard products commonly found on the market today.

As you can see from the pictures within this blog, the majority of which are customer images, adding a Venetian Pavilion to your garden can instantly add charm to the garden. If you want to reinvent your garden ready for the Spring visit our Gazebos and Structures page on our website  or call our knowledgeable sales team on 01234 272 445. As always, you can ask any questions you see fit to the comment box below.

March 1, 2016

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