A structure less ordinary with the Hexagonal Gazebo

Hexagonal Gazebo Dunster House

Before I started here at Dunster House, whenever I thought of Log Cabins and Gazebos, I thought of generic rectangular buildings. Within a few days of being at Dunster House, I realised that this could not be further from the truth. People are looking for a garden building that is as unique as the garden. They have worked so hard to create their gardens. It’s normal to seek for something unique.

Hexagonal Gazebo

We strive to create a range that suits everybody’s garden which is why we have launched the Utopia Hexagonal Gazebo. This Gazebo will quickly become the focal point of your garden. Partly due to the oak-like finish that the pressure treatment gives. As standard you will have 6 half height, full timber panels are 1.86m wide. They are delivered to you as constructed panels. These panels make up the bottom half, and back wall, of the Utopia Gazebo. You then have the choice to leave the top half exposed to the elements, to add toughened glass panels so you are protected from the elements. However, it still allows bright sunlight into your Gazebo. Lastly, you can choose to fully enclose your Gazebo.

The hexagonal Gazebo allows you and your friends to sit around the table without worrying about insects, intermittent rain or flying footballs interrupting your evening. By opting to have the half height toughened glass panels, you get the protection from an enclosed space with the exposure you would commonly get from an open plan garden structure. We know that garden parties often result in overexcited children running around kicking footballs or playing games. So, our the windows are made from toughened glass so they won’t break if a stray football hits it.

Multi use

Not only will you have space to sit comfortably with space to move your chairs around without feeling cramped but you will also be able to stand and move about thanks to the internal height of 5’ 8. This makes it ideal for portable heaters or hanging lights from the ceiling to make sure the garden party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down – a necessity for the months where the sun goes down earlier than 9pm.

I have written this blog assuming that you will use your Utopia Gazebo as an al fresco dining area. But the truth is, your options are open. You could choose to use it as a shelter for a hot tub, a fun bar to retreat too or as a BBQ cover. These are what I would use my Gazebo for but the possibilities really are limited only to your imagination.

If you have one of our Hexagonal Gazebos in your garden then send your images into us so we can see how you use it, simply email marketing@dunsterhouse.co.uk. If you don’t have one of our Utopia Hexagonal Gazebos then you are missing out.

Order one today at www.dunsterhouse.co.uk or call 01234 272 445.

Hexagonal Gazebo Dunster House Hexagonal Gazebo Dunster House

Hexagonal Gazebo Dunster House

June 25, 2015

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