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Gerlinde Arbour Dunster House

Everyone has that vacant corner in their garden which never quite matches the aesthetic beauty of the rest. It doesn’t get quite as much sun as the rest of garden. Only  a lot of warmth and sunshine but not enough to grow vibrant plants. It needs jazzing up but you’re unsure quite what to do; it isn’t big enough for a Log Cabin but you don’t want it left without a Garden Structure. This is a prime location to place a seating area; we aren’t talking about a deserted, lonely bench that sits desolately in the back of your garden only to be consumed with mould over time. We are talking about a stunning, Mediterranean style arbour that allows you to look out over the garden you lovingly created.

What does it consist of?

The Gerlinde Arbour consists of two benches that sit at a 45 degree angle from each other and can comfortably sit up to six people. As we know that you will want to sit for hours enjoying the feel of the sun on your back, we want to make sure you’re comfortable. This is why we have given the benches a curved finish, to assure you and your guests won’t catch yourself on the bench. It also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the arbour. On either side of the benches, there are arm rests. These are big enough that they can easily double as small tables. These are small enough to not be obtrusive but can easily hold drinks, books and small plates of food. The ideal party hosting station.

The benches are enclosed by four pressure treated trellis panels. These strong panels are ideal for growing vine and other plants to add both colour and character to your arbour. The trellis, which is made out of the same wood as the benches, is visually stunning whether you choose to decorate it with hanging plants or leave them plain.

Customise Your Gerlinde Arbour

To complete the look, we use gorgeous sculpted roof beams that fit perfectly on the arbour roof. These beams finish the overall look of the Garden Structure. They provide enough shelter from the sun that it doesn’t become overbearing but allows you to still enjoy the benefits. Just imagine unwinding on the bench. Your legs tucked underneath you, in the middle of a good book and a wonderful breeze. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to sit with your friends or enjoy some solitary time with a good book, our arbours are ideal.

Many of our customers worry that their gardens are too windy for a garden structure. That it will fall or blow away, which is why we use metal brackets to fix the Gazebo in place. The galvanised floor brackets offer additional stability to this already sturdy Garden Structure. The metal floor brackets make it possible for the Gazebo to be secured to any kind of surface. Either concrete or patio.

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April 8, 2015

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