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Looking outside my office window today it’s hard to imagine that it’s June and officially the start of summer.  That being said, this time last year we had snow across the UK which gave way to a glorious summer full of sunshine (not fun if you work indoors) and garden parties that let me make fantastic memories with my friends. I moved this year and, due to a severe decrease in free time, I haven’t really seen them that much. With this in mind I fully intend to invite them round for a party on my terrace as soon as the sun comes out again.

As with all friends who haven’t seen each other in a while, even those who won’t admit it, I want to impress them and have them feel a slight tinge of annoyance that my party is better than theirs. I could choose to go to my local supermarket and buy one of their BBQs to cook on, however, I find that these often discolour quickly after use and never quite regain the same quality that they had before.  The problem is that most of the ones I’ve seen simply grill food – I want to go one better. I want to make paella, pizzas, jacket potatoes, chips, chilli and even cook a full sized chicken – I know it sounds impossible but, thanks to the Murphy BBQ stove MK2, I can cook them all!

Made out of steel, the BBQ is painted with a high quality black paint that allows it to resist temperatures up to 600 degrees. This means that not only will your BBQ look great for the friends coming to this party but it will keep its quality all through the summer months.  Please note: this is not to say that the stove will not be hot. It will. Please take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Now for the fun bit because, frankly, BBQ’s are all about the food. Of course, you can use your BBQ in the conventional way and grill succulent sausages and chicken breast which I am sure will go down a treat with your guests. They’ll go away, having had a good time, pleasant company and good food. At Dunster House we don’t specialise in good, we specialise in great!

BBQ PaellaThe Murphy BBQ stove comes with a 15 litre stainless steel cooking pot, the equivalent to the blue mineral water bottles on a drinks machine, as standard. This is perfect for cooking soups, stews, chillis, curries and just about any liquid food you can think of. Once this food is cooked and served it takes a quick switch over (with gloves of course) to the paella dish for a whole world of culinary opportunities to be at your disposal. You can choose to cook more main meals on the dish such as paella, curry or stir-fry (if your guests want something different) or you can use it to cook up some crepes for dessert.


Whilst adults will be happy with your more sophisticated menu, we know that children have simpler tastes. I have never met a child who does not like pizza. This will not be a problem as the oven of the BBQ can cook two average size pizzas easily. Why not keep the children entertained by letting them create one before you cook it? You can keep them from getting bored and they will be so excited that they will behave, at least until the pizza arrives.BBQ Dunster House

By now, your guests should be suitable impressed and very stuffed but you aren’t finished yet! The smoker oven is attached to the flue exhaust and can be used while the main stove is cooking other food. Provide a tender, moist and tasty joint of smoked meat: beef, lamb, chicken or even fish which will be so tender it will fall apart on your guest’s fork.

If you are planning a garden party or a family BBQ and you truly want to stand out then this is the product for you! Visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to speak to our sales team.

June 3, 2015

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