Sun, Shade and Style


I have a favourite spot. It’s a little bench beside a lake, surrounded by trees and plants where I like to sit and read. The problem is if the weather is a little rainy or windy I can’t sit there, making its use somewhat limited.  In a world that can become stressful and fast paced, it’s nice to have a place where I can sit and just stop for a minute however, I live in a flat with no terrace/garden so it’s not a possibility for me – but it is for you!

The Brenin Arbour has everything you could possibly need in a seating area for your garden: Shelter, shade, exposure, seating area, drinks tray and even a trellis.  Singularly these are all fantastic attributes for an Arbour but combined, these make for an idyllic retreat where you can sit for hours and make the most out of the peace and quiet.

As appearances truly are everything when it comes to your garden, and rightly so after you’ve worked so hard on it, the Brenin Arbour is Pressure Treated. The brown additive that we have added in throughout the Pressure Treatment process makes sure you do not have the green finish that is common with treatment but rather a finish similar to oak. It also makes the Arbour resistant to rot and fungal decay for up to 10 years, a necessity for any structure that will be exposed to harsh elements all year round.

With a Brenin Arbour as beautiful as this you would be forgiven for leaving it as it is and not adding anything further, however, we love to give you various options. With this in mind, we have made sure the trellises on either side of the bench are strong enough to hold climbing plants that will fill the air with your favourite scents that help you relax whilst reading. In addition to being able to hang garden plants, the trellis gives a Mediterranean feel to your garden which will leave you feeling as if you are on holiday everytime you step out into your back garden.

A Brenin Arbour is useless if not as practical as it is beautiful. The strong timber bench is angled in a way that allows you to sit comfortably while reading, a factor that is increased further by the sculpted curved finish that stops you catching your legs. At 5’ 1” wide, the bench is a comfortable size whether you choose to sit alone or with company. Finding a position where you can sit for a prolonged period of time is hard, even more so if there are two of you, so the last thing you need is to have to keep moving to and from the house to collect food and drinks. On either side of the bench are thick armrests that are the ideal size for resting drinks and nibbles on while you read.

Finish your Brenin Arbour any way you choose with our range of Fascias. We provide you with three as standard; Arabian, Japanese or English meaning the choice is entirely up to you. Connected to the front of the Brenin Arbour after construction, you can easily change the final look in order to suit your gardens theme.

This summer is set to be hot making your garden a great place to be in your rare spare time. Why not grab a book, get into your comfortable clothes and unwind in style! Visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to make your summer unforgettable!

July 3, 2015

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