Our Candy Carts are as sweet as candy!

Candy Cart Dunster House

Candy Cart Dunster HouseWe are a world of entrepreneurs’! Our Twitter and Facebook feeds are flooded with images of you all setting up offices, shops, salons and even charity shops from our garden buildings. Candy Carts have become the latest must have necessity for any event; used as Sweet Carts for weddings, Cake displays for fundraisers, a stool to show hand made products at arts and crafts fairs – the list of possible uses is endless.

Candy Cart for business

Many people run their Candy Cart business in their spare time, often working their events around their schedules and having to store the Candy Cart in the interim. With the Candy Cart being as tall as it is wide, this can quickly take up space and become troublesome. Our new collapsible Candy Cart eliminates this problem by not only being easily deconstructed allows everything to be packed away neatly in one place – you could slide it under your bed, place it in a shed, tuck it behind the sofa or keep it in the boot of your car ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Candy Cart Dunster HouseYour creativity often stuns and amazes me – you’re so talented! For this reason we provide the Candy Carts to you untreated. It allows you to paint it in a way you feel best reflects the personality of your business. You can choose to paint it in subtle yet beautiful colours like our customer Roland Phillips, over the top like us for a Christmas party  or keep it plain and let the decorative edging talk for itself. It is up to you.


The benefits of collapsible candy carts

The convenient Candy Cart allows you to move from venue to venue quickly. It is easily built and deconstructed when and where you need it. It’s great for those impromptu events where a professional display is needed to help network and generate clientele.Candy Cart Dunster House

When constructed, the Candy Cart emulates the beautiful design of a traditional Victorian sweet
cart. Combining the best of both traditional and modern design, our Candy Cart has a strong platform.

It provides you with a neutral base for you to create a display that best showcases your product. The platform is elegantly framed by large decorative wheels and a blue candy stripped roof with decorative edging.

Underneath your display platform there is a storage shelf where you can place excess stock. To add to the design, the shelf is enclosed with the same decorative edging that borders the roof. This edging is thick enough to hold a light, eye catching sign to catch the attention of potential customers.

Candy Cart Dunster HouseThe large wheels are purely decorated and are fixed still, creating a barrier to prevent your Candy Cart rolling away, perfect if you are working with a slightly unlevel ground such as craft fairs or festivals, both of which are generally hosted in a field.

Investing in a collapsible Candy Cart will allow your business to truly bloom. By putting your products in full display of potential customers and investors. Due to the cost effective price of the Candy Cart, you will see a return of investment quickly. Take your passion one step further by visiting www.dunsterhouse.co.uk to order yours today!


July 27, 2015

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