Tahiti Pergola

Tahiti Pergola Dunster House

The weather is driving me crazy. One minute it’s sunny, then rainy, heavy wind coming before it becomes sunny again, I can’t plan anything because I never know what to plan for. Seeing your comments on our social media pages, I know this is a frustration amongst a lot of you. We do a huge range of Gazebos that give you the option of adding additional walls but, with the Tahiti Pergola, we offer you a unique, retractable roof to allow you complete control over the amount of shade or sunlight you receive.

Tahiti Pergola Dunster HouseThe Tahiti Pergola is unlike anything we’ve ever made. It has some similarities to the rest of our products; made with the same slow grown spruce as the rest of our timber range, the thick posts are 86mm x 86mm giving a strong structure that’ll easily withstand strong winds and it’s supported by large metal base plates that allow you to secure the Pergola to most type of grounds. The retractable Canopy is what makes it really stand out.



Tahiti Pergola Dunster House

The Canopy is made from highly durable HTPE knotted cloth which includes fungicide for additional protection. The material provides up to 95% protection from harmful UV rays meaning you can sit comfortably under shade during the hotter days although we would, of course, always advise you use sunscreen if you’re going to spend a prolonged period of time under the sun.


Tahiti Pergola Dunster HouseSitting on top of a strong timber frame the Canopy has small metal circular eyes equally spaced out along the top of the fabric. These are threaded onto a taut wire positioned along the longer beams of the Pergola. This makes the expansion and retraction of the Canopy seamless. Once you have it in the position you want, simply fasten the rope off on one of the stainless steel fixings to keep it in place.


Tahiti Pergola Dunster HouseWe all know the sun moves across the sky meaning what is comfortable in the morning often won’t be in the afternoon. We offer you the option of adding side curtains to off you shade and privacy. These are made from the same HTPE knotted cloth as the Canopy, the synthetic material is mould resistant ensuring it’ll keep its chic look. Sold in singular units; we give you complete control over the final look and feel of the Pergola.

The Tahiti Pergola combines shade, sunlight, strength and style to give you a focal point to your garden. At just £562.99 currently, this is a must have if you want to enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Visit our website or call 01234 272 445

August 28, 2015

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