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Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

I love receiving your customer images. Not just because they often have our Garden Buildings which you have customised with things that show your personality and interests but I’m always more interested in your gardens as they often tell me a lot about you. I am naturally not a competent person when it comes to gardens, even my terrace has somehow got weeds, but your gardens always look so good. Sometimes you need something as special as your garden is, that will impress friends, family and guests when they come round. Which is why we sell luxury items like, along with our Garden Buildings (which obviously are spectacular), the Wahehe Thatched Bar.

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House
The W3.8m x D3.8m Tiki Bar has everything you need to create a fully functional bar that you can stock with your favourite drinks and invite your friends and family over at the weekend. Alternatively, on special occasions, the Thatched Bar is ideal for special events like cocktail master classes where you can have a giggle while learning a new skill. When the Wahehe Thatched Tiki Bar isn’t in use, there are two storage cupboards in the back by the lockable door and there are shelves both under the bar and on the wall either side of the door.


Thatched Gazebo Dunster House The Pressure Treated timber inside the bar gives you a type of flooring that is different from grass or concrete which can become cold and damp even when protected by the genuine African Cape Reed Thatch.  By using Pressure Treated timber rather than leaving it exposed your timber is protected against rot and fungal decay for up to ten years – something we give a 10 year guarantee on. The stability of the structure increases further thanks to the substantial 160mm round posts which, along with being visually stunning, are up to 60% thicker than many on the market for an attractive, long-lasting structure that will stand against even harsh winds.


Thatched Gazebo Dunster House Although the bar itself is stunning, the thatched roof is the main attraction of structure. Made from genuine African Cape Reed Thatch, the thatch is attached to hot-dipped galvanised steel via clips which are easily securable. By using hot dipped galvanization rather than usual galvanization, we produce a structure that is ten times stronger than zinc plating (sometimes called electro-plating methods). The hot dip galvanization prevents the steel from corroding which is why we offer a 10 year guarantee against structural failure due to rust.


Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

As we know the weather can be a little unpredictable in Great Britain, we offer great optional extras to make the Wahehe Thatched Tiki Bar that much more stylish and cosy when the chillier weather sets in. The addition of the cream Canopy Inner Lining or a 3 sided 1.8kW pendant heater to your Thatched Gazebo offers you a warm, cosy atmosphere for when the party runs later than it should although please be aware we do not install the heater for you, this would need to be done through a local electrician.


The hexagonal bar will fit perfectly in the corner of your garden whatever the shape or size. For more information regarding the Wahehe Thatched Tiki Bar or to download the blueprints for planning, visit or call 01234 272445.

September 11, 2015

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