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Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

Winter is great for so many reasons; gloves, big jumpers, blankets, tea and lazy Sundays in bed watching movies but, unfortunately, it is the prime time of the year to start craving sun, sea and sand. Now we’d never deprive someone a holiday as we know you all work hard but between the travel and accommodation costs, stress of packing, finding a pet sitter (if you have pets), it hardly seems worth it for just 7-14 days of the 365 we have.

You can opt to add one of our Summerhouses, Log Cabins or Gazebos to your garden; offering you shelter, shade and privacy when in your garden. However, if you want a garden that stands out for all the right reasons then you need to look at our range of Thatched Garden Buildings such as our Gazebos. All of the thatch used in our range is genuine African Cape Reed which is delivered to you in panels for easy installation. The mix of heavy duty and standard thatch panels are attached to the steel frame with clips before being finished off with a top cone.

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

The hot dipped galvanisation process on the framework ensures that ten times more of the zinc is bonded with the steel than with zinc plating. By choosing to use hot dipped galvanised steel, the roof frame has an extra thick layer of zinc which prevents any corrosion occurring – we’re so confident of this that we offer a 10 year guarantee against structural failure and rust.

If the thatched roof didn’t make enough of a statement we use 160mm thick timber to create circular posts that are not only substantial but create a more attractive structure that’ll have people talking for all the right reasons. The posts, like all the timber in our Gazebo, are pressure treated against rot and fungal decay. The pressure treatment process eliminates the need to annually apply treatment for the Gazebo to keep its high quality finish – we’re so sure of this that all of our pressure treated timber comes with a 10 year guarantee

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

The Thatched Gazebo comes with three different packages; Standard, Decked and Fully Loaded. All three come with genuine African Thatch and Hot Dipped Galvanised Framework but we give you the opportunity to add extras to customise the final look of your Thatched Gazebo.  If you opt for our Decked package, you’ll get decorative balustrades along with pressure treated decking that can accommodate up to ten people – more than enough space for the garden parties you’ll throw throughout the year.

If you opt for the fully loaded package you get the full African experiences complete with balustrades, decking, benches, cushions, curtains and a canopy whilst still leaving plenty of room inside for you to relax with a cold drink, friends, family and a good book. The only thing missing is the pool!

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

After all the hard work you put in to your work, running a home, being social and fitting everything else into your schedule it can be difficult to find any time for yourself. Why not add our Thatched Gazebo to your back garden? You’ll feel like you’re on vacation everytime you step out of your backdoor!

To make sure 2016 is your best year yet, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272445 to speak to our knowledgeable team.

December 23, 2015

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