The Big Greenhouse Clean!

Greenhouse Dunster House

The growing season is well and truly over, for most things anyway. Before you start planting seeds in your greenhouse ready for next spring and summer, it’s time to do a little tidy up and any quick maintenance that might be necessary.

Empty it!

Choose a day, it always helps if the weather isn’t too bad, and take everything out of our greenhouse. So the first thing to do now is to empty it and clean the guttering. Make sure that you remove all leaves, mold, moss and dirt from the pipes. Be sure to clear out your down-pipes too, nobody wants anything stuck in there! Empty your water butts too. You should clear it once a year and remove any possible debris that could be sat at the bottom.

Clean the windows!

Once all of your guttering is clear, it’s time for the windows! Wash and clean the windows inside and out. Anything you put over winter in there will need as much light as possible during the period of shorter days so it’s best to keep your windows as clean and clear as possible.

Don’t forget the frame and the surface!

Now that’s done, with a hot greenhouse cleaning solution wipe down the frame and any surface inside. It’s important to remove any possible pests and infections from your greenhouse to avoid passing it on to new or vulnerable plants.

After you’ve made sure that all surfaces and corners have been thoroughly cleaned, sweep throughout your building. This shall remove any dirt, old leaves and other unwanted mess from your greenhouse floor, allowing you to start fresh for the new year!

Almost done!

Greenhouse Dunster House

Now that you know your greenhouse is as clean as possible it’s time to wrap it up, quite literally. If you have insulation material or bubble wrap to insulate your building this winter now is the time to make your greenhouse snug! If you’re going to use heaters inside, test them out and then put them into place.

Finally the plants!

Once everything is dry, check the plants you plan to keep in the greenhouse. Make sure they’re pest free and then place them back into their winter home.

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