The Importance of a Solid Foundation

Foundation Rapidpad

One very important factor when shopping around for your new Garden Building is whether you currently have the correct surface to build it on. In order to maintain structural integrity, and avoid slippage or cracks, all Garden Buildings must be built on a flat, level base. If your lawn isn’t like this naturally you could take steps to rectify this yourself with decking or concrete, or even going out there with a shovel and a spirit level and levelling it yourself.

But why go to all that effort when we can provide you with high quality foundation systems which are designed to work well with our buildings and won’t ruin your lawn like concrete would?

We offer two foundation systems with our Log Cabins, as well as many of our other buildings such as Summer Houses and garden offices. These systems are the Premium Rapidgrid system and the PremiumPlus RapidPad system. They are quicker to assemble than other foundation systems, since all you need to do is dig down about 30 – 40mm. There’s no waiting for anything to dry! Our systems are designed for medium firm ground conditions, which makes them suitable for the majority of gardens. Conditions they are not suitable for include marsh, peat, frequently waterlogged ground or ground which has very recently been disturbed.Foundation

The RapidGrid system is comprised of weed control membrane underneath high quality plastic grids. These grids join together in a honeycomb structure, creating a strong surface to bear the weight of the building. The plastic grids will need to be filled with pea shingle stones, or another gravel equivalent. We do not provide these stones, but they are easily obtained from specialist builders merchants or shops such as Wickes and B&Q. If you want to use RapidGrids as your foundation system, you do still need a fairly flat area to begin with since the ground under the grids still needs to be level.

Our PremiumPlus RapidPad system is designed to cope with a more uneven surface. It is comprised of plastic grids filled with pea shingles (we provide these with this system) covered by sturdy black plastic pedestals which can be adjusted for height individually. The pads look more attractive than grids or concrete.

Each pad can support up to approximately one ton of weight. Additional wooden bearers are also provided to increase the distance possible between the pads.


The adjustable height is what makes the RapidPads suitable for uneven ground. As long as the ground directly underneath each “pad” is levelled, any other variance up to 100mm difference in height between pads can be adjusted for. This means that far less soil needs to be moved than in other foundation systems, so there is less mess in your garden!

If you want any further information on our foundation systems, such as which buildings can take which system, then please do ring our sales team on 01234 272 445 and they will be happy to help you with any of your questions.

October 15, 2016

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