The makings of a perfect garden

Perfect Garden Summerhouse Dunster House

The perfect garden isn’t about the perfectly manicured lawn. Although for some of us that does help!

Perfect Garden Summerhouse Dunster House

A perfect garden is a place to relax and entertain, as though it’s any other room in the house. Sometimes we forget to treat our gardens as part of the house and instead treat it as a separate entity. However this room has so much potential to it. And, at Dunster House, we have a lot to offer in helping your garden come alive. No matter the season!

Maybe you have a hobby that your family are complaining has taken over the house, like painting, sowing or model trains? Free up your home and let your hobby consume a log cabin!

 Perfect Garden Log Cabin Dunster HouseOur largest range of products, log cabins and summerhouses, are great additions to the garden and have a wide range of uses. You could also use one of these garden buildings to create an adult only area. Somewhere out of bounds to children so you can relax with a good book or entertain friends. Or  you could go in the opposite direction and create a place just for your children. So their toys don’t clutter up your living room. It’s hard to go wrong with such a practical and attractive feature!bin! Our largest range of products, log cabins and summerhouses, are great additions to the garden and have a wide range of uses.

Perfect Garden Gazebo Dunster House Of course we know a log cabin isn’t for everyone. You may feel it doesn’t suit your garden, needs or budget. Instead you may want something slightly smaller or seasonal. If this is the case, we have a great range of gazebos to fit any garden, size or style from the traditional hexagonal gazebo to the luxurious African Thatched Gazebo’s. Each gazebo makes a great focal point for the garden, and an enticing seating area for friends and family during summer parties and BBQ’s.

If you would prefer a more classic look in your garden, you may choose one of our arbours or pergolas to provide a relaxing seating area and a place for your vines and climbers to grow into a natural shading area for you and your family. It just depends on what you want! Match the pergola’s with a bistro table and chairs set and let your plants and vines climb, creating an atmospheric surrounding to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book or Sunday brunch with a loved one.

Perfect Garden Spiel Caravan Dunster House For those with children, or grandchildren who visit regularly, there’s a large and imaginative range of wooden play systems that will keep the children entertained and out of the flowerbeds! The climbing frames are bound to keep you out of the park. And away from long queues for the slide or swings. Instead while you’re getting on around the house or entertaining the children can play in the garden. If space is a problem you do not have to buy a large play system. There are many compact play systems available.


Perfect Garden Shed Greenhouse Dunster House

Finally, for the more traditional garden we have a superb range of pressure treated sheds for all of your storage needs. Whether it’s for tools, bikes or garden furniture during the winter months we have a shed to suit your needs. No really, some of these sheds are so big you could store pretty much anything in them!

For the growers out there we have a fantastic range of wooden greenhouses. We understand that sometimes a household can be split by the need to grow and the need to store. If you’re one of these households, and a decision cannot be made between a shed or greenhouse, to help you out we have a range of potting sheds and greenhouse/shed combos available!

So much more, with each range expanding regularly at Dunster House. Your best bet is to keep track of our website and social networking profiles to know of any new products. Because we do like to shout about them!

October 11, 2013

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