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Outdoor Living - Dunster House

We have worked hard over the last twenty years to become the successful family run Company that we are today. We aim to put ourselves ahead of our competitors by producing new, innovative products of superior quality at the best price on the market. All of our products are designed, made and delivered by our in-house team reducing costs within the supply chain or any outside companies that could force us to compromise on quality. The costs saved through in house design are then invested into further developing high quality, innovative products.

Outdoor Living - Dunster HouseThe latest in our forward thinking designs, and newest member of our Outdoor Living range, is our Eco Double Plastic Toilet with unique Urine Diversity System. The WPC construction, in place of our normal timber designs, as it’s easier to clean and does not require treatment to resist rot or fungal decay. Another benefit of WPC over timber is the weight. WPC is a lot lighter than timber therefore it can be effortlessly transported to even the most rural places. The newly designed toilet has been manufactured and tested by our in-house designers and engineers to increase longevity and make the toilet resistant to extreme temperatures such as wind, prolonged UV exposure or temperatures that are high above, or below, zero.

Outdoor Living - Dunster House Easy and quick to assemble and deconstruct, the structure is made from large panels that are easily screwed together to create an Eco Toilet that can be used for private, public or commercial use due to its durability and long-lasting design. The design also benefits from a solar powered electric water pump that makes the Eco-Toilet completely independent giving the ability to be set up anywhere, whether there is a water source or not, making it ideal for use on campsites, festivals, farms, golf clubs, allotments, recreational areas and holiday homes.
The interior of the toilet has been designed with the same expertise as the exterior, designed with black rubber on the interior for ease of cleaning after a day of people coming in and out with muddy boots. The three windows allow natural light to flood the toilet during the day and solar panels feed a 12V light in the evenings.

Outdoor Living - Dunster HouseA revolutionary feature of our Eco-Toilet is the Urine Diversity System (UDS). We have worked closely with different NGOs and Universities to develop the ultimate solution to ecological sanitation that separates urine and solid waste to create the composting toilet. By separating the urine and solid waste, we make composting easier as these contain valuable nutrition for agricultural purposes. We realise that the thought of directly handling waste doesn’t appeal to anyone, especially as direct contact with fresh human waste can be hazardous due to the disease transmitting bacteria it contains; so we allow the waste to fall into a container under the toilet seat. The odour commonly associated with public toilets should not be a problem as this is the mixture of bacteria when solid and liquid waste combines in the bowl. By separating this primarily, and using a rubber seal on the toilet seat, reducing unpleasant odours.

The two seater Eco Toilet allows one seat to be used primarily until it fills up, which should take approximately six months depending on the frequency of use, at which point users can simply close the lid and begin using the second toilet. In the 6-9 months it takes to fill the second bucket, the first bucket will have composted into valuable fertilizer that can be handled without any problems.

If you are interested in our Eco Double Plastic Toilet, or any of our other brilliant products, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our website or call 01234 272 445.

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