The perfect combination of Log Cabin and Garden Office

Log Cabin "Lexa" Exterior

We like to think that our large range of Garden Buildings has something to cater for everyone’s budget, taste, style, garden size and preference. Our PremiumPlus Lexa Log Cabin Range combines the sophisticated grandeur of the Alexander Garden Office, with decorative ladders on either end of the outside decking, with the homely feel of our Log Cabins.

We use spruce, rather than an inferior timber such as pine. That way we make sure your cabin is less susceptible to shrink, warp or split as its less porous. The interlocking tongue and groove timber makes construction that much easier as it slots together. It’s similar to a jigsaw puzzle, so you can build it in no time at all. Although we have an installation option if you would prefer not to build it yourself.

Timber can naturally expand and contact throughout the year which is why our Log Cabins come with storm braces. These braces help tie the roof to the rest of the cabin. So, it can withstand stronger winds. While some of our competitors may offer storm braces with their cabins, our storm braces are unique because they are adjustable. These braces work with the natural movement of the cabin and help prevent gaps appearing as the logs settle.

Log Cabin "Lexa" Exterior


The Spruce is delivered to you untreated, giving you the opportunity to customise it however you choose. We even make customisation easy as we offer a multitude of treatment colours – you can order it with your Log Cabin as it will all arrive in one delivery. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to not have to annually retreat your Log Cabin, you can opt for our Pressure Treated Lexa Log Cabin. Every single piece of timber used in this Log Cabin has been cut, planned and then pressure treated for complete coverage. This non toxic, copper chrome treatment is pushed deep within the timber. It protects it against rot and fungal decay for 10 years. We’re so sure of this that we offer a 10 year guarantee on all pressure treated timber.

We apply the same attention to detail to the panes of glass in our windows and doors. Our PremiumPlus Lexa Log Cabin comes with one 0.75m (2′ 5″) x 0.96m (3′ 2″) opening window located at the front of the cabin and a narrower opening window 0.44m (1’ 5”) x 1.41m (4’ 7”) at the side. If you’d prefer larger windows, you can opt for our Lexa Sunlight Log Cabin which comes one 0.75m (2′ 5″) x 0.97m (4′ 7″) opening window located at the front of the cabin and a narrower opening window 0.45m (1’ 5”) x 141m (4’ 7”) at the side.


It is not the horticultural glass you would commonly find in Garden Buildings. Nor is it the cheap looking plastic alternatives such as styrene, acyclic or plastic, but rather 4mm toughened glass. This is not only easier to clean and harder to scratch, ensuring nothing obstructs your view. But is also strong enough to withstand the occasional hit from a stray football or stone. To give you customiseable options, we give you the option to upgrade to 24mm thick double glazing. Consisting of two panes of 4mm toughened glass separated by a 16mm spacer. This is an excellent way of insulating your cabin. Thus  extending its usage to throughout the year.

Log Cabin "Lexa" from Dunster House

The Lexa Log Cabin is finished off with a square, flat roof, rather than the traditional and modern commonly found with our Log Cabins. The roof, like our other Garden Buildings, is supported with heavy duty bearers. These bearers stop the 19mm roof from drooping over time so your Lexa Log Cabin will still look as good in a decade as it does today. We give you the option to further weatherproof your cabin by adding either felt or superfelt to the roof.

High Ceiling

We have optimised the amount of interior space available in your Log Cabin. To add to the internal space of W5.30m (17’ 4”) x D3.30m (10’ 9”), our Lexa Log Cabin has an internal height starting from just 2.30m (7’ 6”). Whether extending your living space or using the Lexa Log Cabin as an office the vast amount of internal space helps make the transformation easier.

You won’t need to worry about your clients banging their heads as they move around. Especially as the doors are extra tall at 1.86m/6’ 1”. There not being enough space for your large bookcase or there not being sufficient room to relax without feeling cramped. The large cabin is roomy enough to be used as anything you want it to be. There really are no limitations to what your garden can be.

Log Cabin "Lexa" from Dunster House

To order your Log Cabin today, and give yourself a versatile building that can become anything, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can fill in a request form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

August 11, 2016

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