This summer, Chunky is better! 

Chunky Summerhouse "Roget" from Dunster House

How often have you looked out at your garden and thought about adding a Summerhouse or Log Cabin? Perhaps you want a space to relax after a long day. A place free from the hustle and bustle that comes with running a house. A place where you can enjoy a drink in peace. Perhaps you’re a freelancer who needs some space to do his/her work. Without distraction or looking for a stylish outhouse to host dinner parties with friends. It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for a Garden Building. All that matters is that you pick the right one for you – and our brand new Chunky Summerhouse range will make that decision a lot easier.

Parisian elegance of our traditional summerhouses

Consisting of 2 Summerhouses; the Hanet Chunky Summerhouse W2.5m x D2.5m and the Roget Chunky Summerhouse W3.7m x D2.5m, this range combines the Parisian elegance of our traditional summerhouses with the robust feel of our Log Cabins. This is down, in part, to the heavy duty 86mm x 86mm chunky posts which sits snugly inside a 145mm x 145mm L shaped corner post giving the entire Summerhouse a resilient look and sturdy feel. Attached to this is the 45mm thick frame that borders our 16mm thick walls. These wall panels are delivered to you in half height preassembled panels making construction easier. Simply screw them into the 35mm x 35mm bearers with the 70 mm screws provided (don’t worry, the installation manual takes you through this step by step). You could build it in a weekend so you have a retreat just in time for the hot summer months!

Chunky Summerhouse "Roget" from Dunster House

Pressure treated bearers

The aforementioned bearers, and all of the spruce used in this Summerhouse, is pressure treated. We take great care in our pressure treatment to ensure an even, full coverage rather than the dip treatment. Many garden buildings on the market leave the ends of the timber exposed. This renders the whole process useless as water can seep into the ends and cause the product to rot internally. Our timber is cut to size and planned to ensure it is covered entirely. It is put under in the processing tanks because of the pressure and forces the treatment deep within the timber. It not only looks great, the rich brown colour is due to an additive we have added during the treating process, but takes the time and energy out of annually treating your Summerhouse. Its protected against rot and fungal decay for 10 years – we know this, we guarantee it!

Spacious internal area with natural light

It’s hard to relax when you feel cramped in a space which is why our Summerhouse has extremely high internal eaves. At 1.94m, or 6’ 4”, it gives you plenty of space to stand and move around inside. The high space also helps the space look even more light and airy during the day, quickly filling up with the natural light that will stream through the 1.48m (4’ 10”) x 0.5m (1’ 7”) French windows and 1.75m (5’ 8”) x 1.05m (3’ 5”) double opening doors which make up two sides of the Summerhouse. The clever design means that, although it is an enclosed building, you still get the benefits of an open space. On hot, sunny days you can throw open the windows and doors to enjoy a cool breeze and – when it is a cold, rainy day you can close them up and sit warm and cosy indoors.

Chunky Summerhouse "Hanet" from Dunster House

4mm toughened glass

We take pride in our high-quality materials. Even the glass used in the windows and doors is not typical glass you would find on the market. In fact, we use 4mm toughened glass for added strength and security. You commonly find horticultural glass being used which is a lot easier to break, which can leave sharp shards. It can be dangerous if you have kids running to collect the ball they just accidentally kicked at the window. You know they would try and hide it, I did as a child. We have kicked a ball at our 4mm toughened glass, and hit it with a brick, and it still didn’t smash. It also held up very well against Perspex and styrene – both of which scratched easily when we were cleaning them. You don’t want to risk your view being restricted, do you?

Our Summerhouses

To find out more about these Summerhouses, and all of the Summerhouses in our ranged, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


February 22, 2017

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