Tips To Create A Cosy Log Cabin Interior

Log Cabin from Dunster House Interior Design

Create your cosy Log Cabin

The natural look of a Log Cabin can be replicated in the materials used, or some home comforts can be added to give you an extra living space. It is all down to personal preference, style and budget. It goes without saying that when decorating a Log Cabin everybody wants to keep the interior cosy and comfy. So, what exactly should you keep in mind when decorating the Log Cabin to give it a cosy feel?

Log Cabin Interior

Prepare a plan

Usually, people don’t prepare a plan of action and just start changing the décor, before they know it, they have spent more money than they had planned to or they have to leave the interior unfinished. Therefore, it is wise to plan everything in advance, so you can complete the project that falls within your budget.

If you need an extra special retreat, but don’t want to spends loads decorating it, take a leaf out of Jan’s book, EVERYTHING in her cabin is recycled/upcycled from what she had…proving you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a special place.

Log Cabin from Dunster House Interior Design

Another tip is to take a close look around your house to see what accessories you can use in your Log Cabin. It could give you a tip on what you have left to buy. This proves to be really helpful when shopping around for accessories. It gives you a clear idea of what you need to get and will save you buying unnecessary items. It is saving you money in the process.

Lighting is important!

If you are doing the interior of a newly bought Log Cabin, then find out where you need light fixtures. Find out where the electrical fittings can be placed accordingly. The lighting of the Log Cabin should reflect on what you use it for. If you are using it as an office then it is important that it is well illuminated. Also to have a sufficient lighting in all sections of the cabin. On the other hand, if you are using it as a quiet retreat from the house then light lamps are perfect.

Log Cabin from Dunster House designed as a home office with chair, desk and computer

The furniture

To add to the natural look of your Log Cabin, we offer a range of cabin furniture. Such as a log bar to entertain friends with your cocktail mixing during garden parties. We also offer a timber bookshelf that has four large shelving areas, allowing you to store your books, DVDs and pictures. To make life easier, we also supply a set of log cabin furniture. In just one click you can have an expertly crafted table, stool, bench and storage shelves that will sit snuggly in the corner of your cabin.

Whether you add pieces independently, or decide to purchase all of them together, our stylish timber furniture will transform your Log Cabin into a space that’s ideal for relaxing with your friends, enjoying some quiet time or throwing the greatest garden party of the season.

May 12, 2017

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