World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day Dunster House


World Toilet Day Dunster House

The DEVCO Toilet

Earlier this year the United Nations officially declared 19th November as World Toilet Day.

This day of action, fundraising and awareness was first started in 2001, by the World Toilet Organisation, to make sanitation a global priority as there are approximately 2.5 billion people living without a toilet or any improved sanitation facilities.

People living without basic sanitation are often deprived of their privacy and dignity. All the while being vulnerable to contaminated water supplies and the spread of diseases. Approximately 2.2 million deaths per year are caused by sanitation related illness and diseases, with a high percentage being children under the age of 5.

With growing populations and rapid urbanisation, there is a desperate need for new
and innovative ideas that can offer solutions
for the sanitation crisis in many developing countries.


World Toilet Day Sanitation Solutions

We have recently launched our latest design of an Eco Composting Toilet, which we had on display at AidEx, Europe’s largest Humanitarian and International Aid Exhibition, in Brussels last week.

The DEVCO Eco Composting Toilet has been designed to offer a solution for people living without access to adequate improved sanitation facilities or sewer connection. It is a waterless off grid application that can offer a sustainable solution for many locations.

Our DEVCO Toilet not only provides a hygienic sheltered and private area but it also presents the opportunity to practice ecological sanitation by allowing the user(s) to recycle waste. Urine is high in nutrients that you can use as a supplementary plant fertiliser. Whereas you can use  faeces, if dried sufficiently, as a compost or soil conditioner.

With our experience in timber manufacturing and off grid technology we are continuously designing and developing many products. They could provide potential solutions for humanitarian aid and international development.

For more information on our range of Eco Composting Toilets and Humanitarian Products visit –


To find out more information about World Toilet Day we recommend the following links:

WaterAid UK



November 19, 2013

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