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Tools for self reliance Dunster House

Over the years Dunster House has manufactured and sold humanitarian products to help in developing countries. Recently we’ve gone one step further and now support the charity Tools for Self Reliance.

The Hampshire based charity that has been in operation for over 30 years, working to promote self reliance in African countries, primarily in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Chief Executive Sarah Ingleby, explains the charity’s aim is to “…support people who want to work themselves out of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their families in Africa.”

More about Tools for self reliance

Tools for self reliance Dunster House

Tools collected from Baildon, April 2013

Tools for Self Reliance do this by providing tools for communities in need. The charity’s main source of tools is via donations of old, and unused, tools. They’re then brought back to life by volunteers, all over the UK, before being sent to Africa to be distributed. Tools are also purchased from financial donations made to the charity, allowing them to purchase bigger and much needed tools and equipment for the communities they aim to help.



Unlike many other charities, Tools for Self Reliance do not directly employ anyone to work in Africa. Instead the charity works with organisations local to the communities. Helping them achieve a better understanding of the needs of individuals and the local community. By relying on their African counterparts to assess the needs from within. Instead of assuming what they need and want by the communities.


Chris Murphy, the founder of Dunster House, chose Tools for Self Reliance to support because he ‘believes in people helping themselves’, and that’s what the charity promotes within African communities. The support for Tools for Self Reliance goes hand in hand with the company’s humanitarian product range, aimed at helping those living in developing countries.

To date, a number of tools from our factories and install teams have been donated to Tools for Self Reliance to aid them in their activities. To help as much as we can, we have also contributed financially. This has come from presentations and mentoring Chris has done with Small to Medium Businesses. All being within 100 mile radius of Bedfordshire. An activity Chris hopes to carry on in order to help other businesses establish themselves. Also, to continue financial contributions to Tools for Self Reliance. Alongside other plans currently in progress to make further, regular, contributions to the charity.

If you would like to know more about Tools for Self Reliance or donate to them please visit the links below.


October 22, 2013

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