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Windows Dunster House

Windows Dunster HouseWe’ll let you in on a secret, we didn’t start out selling the luxury Garden Buildings that we sell today. A long time before the Log Cabins, Summerhouses, Gazebos and Garages were designed, we supplied tailor made double glazed windows. And we still do!

They aren’t just any windows though. These are Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride windows, or uPVC for short. We manufacture for peoples homes and offices and feature such things as 9 point locking systems and high security hinges.

In addition to windows and droos frames, we also manufacture all of our own Double Glazed Sealed units. Just the glass part.  Many of our competitors source their sealed units externally which often results in longer waiting times. The common excuses such as “we’ll have to chase the supplier” and the higher costs.  By manufacturing our sealed units in house we can not only ensure that each product sold is of the highest quality. But also, by effectively cutting out the middle man, we can keep the prices of our products down.


Our windows and doors are all tested to current standards, which they pass with flying colours, part of these tests is EN1279 which ensures our Windows Dunster Housesealed units don’t suffer from  any form of condensation inside of the Double Glazing for at least 5 years. Another part of the testing and certification process involves being graded by the British Fenestration rating council (BFRC). The rate is based on a scale of A-G, scores how energy efficient our windows are.

This complicated process examines a number of factors; window solar factor (g-value), thermal transmittance (U-value), and air leakage value (L50 value).  Once they have calculated the efficiency of each of these parts, they give it a grade.  Ours were graded C which, in basic terms, means that ours help retain heat and keep your costs down.

Rating System

The development, use and cost of ‘A’ rated thermally efficient glass, for most properties, is unlikely to make any significant impact on energy reduction, compared to the ‘C’ rated glass we sell, in previous years they would have been rated as ‘A’s but efficiency targets are getting ever harder to meet.  An ‘A’ rated window or door now will generally cost you at least 20% more.  Significant additional energy efficiency in a property is only really achievable if you are able to improve the insulation of your walls, roof and floors, which is where most of the heat dissipates through.  So we’d advise you to save money on the glass that you buy and spend it where you would get a greater return on your investment.

We provide varying styles and designs, from the more conventional French Windows to the complicated but elegant Bay or Bow windows.   The design is solely down to personal choice as each of the windows come with a 10 year guarantee (click here to see terms and conditions) and the same specifications:

Windows Dunster House5 chamber system

By having a 5 chamber system, rather than the industry standard of 3, we reduce the chance of condensation appearing as the frame will reduce cold transfer as it resists outside temperature.

‘Planibel A’ Glass

‘Planibel  A’ glass can be toughened on both sides which increases the resistance to scratches and it reduces the need for cover sheets or edge stripping.

Internally beaded

By internally beading our windows, we make your house more secure as intruders cannot remove the panel externally.

Whether you want to order one window or fifty, we can create something to suit you.  Visit our website to get an instant quote or alternatively call our sales team on 01234 272 445 who will be happy to answer any of your questions!


January 30, 2015

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