Turn your Log Cabin into a gym!

Gym Log Cabin Dunster House

2015 has now arrived! It is time to throw away the excess indulgent Christmas food that you have been eating whilst telling yourself that you will stick to the ‘get fit’ resolution come the New Year, and start planning.

You could sign up to a local gym which is a perfectly viable way of starting to get fit. It will be great at first but then, slowly but surely, time will take its toll. The idea of Gym Log Cabin Dunster Houseventuring outside in the cold, dark evenings will become a chore. The queues for the equipment will become frustrating as you stand in line self consciously.  A brilliant alternative is to use one of our Log Cabins. Convert it into a home gym and never worry about membership fees again; you can have a gym that is designed specifically for you.

After finishing a stressful day, you can work out your problems while working up a sweat. You will be amazed at the emotional, as well as physical, effects of your exercise. Maybe you will purchase a treadmill to run, a TV that plays your favourite show to distract you from the fact you are exercising, an exercise mat to stretch out on, weights to build your muscle mass or a ball to work on your stomach muscles.

The types of designs found within most gyms are typically modern and clinical, and while this undoubtedly appeals to a lot of users, others will find this type of aesthetic cold and demotivating. By creating your own gym within your Log Cabin you have full control over the décor and can create an environment that you personally find conducive for exercise.

Creating a home gym in your Log Cabin rather than a room in the house, will make it easier to ventilate and introduce natural light into also. At the beginning of the year, when both the early evenings and mornings remain dark and damp such a benefit is invalid. However if you’re still exercising in your home gym once the spring arrives, the chance to do so within touching distance of your garden brings added benefits. The airwaves of public gyms are more than often filled with the sounds of popular music. Whilst the decision behind this is obvious, the notion of popular does not always necessarily equate to good through the ear of the beholder. Thankfully, in your Log Cabin gym you and you alone get to decide the tunes that inspire and get your blood pumping.

According to the NHS, for adults aged 19-64 to stay physically healthy they should exercise for at least two-and-a-half hours a week. However research conducted by the University of Bristol reveals that as many as one in ten people fail to even walk for five continuous minutes in a whole month. Furthermore, the same research has revealed that nearly 80% of people fail to take part in the minimal government targets for physical activity per month.

Before you decide to invest in expensive equipment, it is best to plan first. What will you want inside your cabin? Consider the overall weight, space and height that will be needed. These are important factors as they will help you decide if you need wide double doors and extra bearers – all of which our sales team can help you with.  Good luck!

January 2, 2015

  • hello. I have one of your log cabins and find the idea above quite interesting.

    What weight considerations should one have? i’m not sure how I feel about having a 200kg-machine on a 19mm wooden floor supported by wooden bearers…

    • Hi

      We have a lot of clients who have converted our cabins into a gym. Now the average floorboard in a house is approximately 20-22mm. Therefore the floor is basically as thick as a floor board in one’s house. It is possible to add additional bearers for additional support and strength. Some clients have also reinforced the floor with an additional layer.

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