Turning your Log Cabin into the ultimate man cave

Man Cave Log Cabin from Dunster House with pool table

A man cave is a man’s retreat away from the world. It functions as a hideaway from the responsibilities of daily life and is filled with everything a man loves. Each man cave is unique; therefore, no man cave is the same as another, everything is all down to personal preference. I receive plenty of customer images that make me extremely jealous, Log Cabins filled with gadgets and gizmos that would make any red-blooded male dream of their own garden retreat. However, each must have a few key essentials to qualify as a legit male fortress. Here’s a list of items that will lay the foundation for the manliest of man caves.


A man cave should be a space where you and your friends can unwind and relax. If you have invited your friends into your secret layer, it is common courtesy to offer them a drink. How convenient would it be to have your own personal selection of alcohol ready at hand, all from the comfort of your own man cave. We recognise that this is an important feature in a Log Cabin, for some it is an absolute must! Especially when your building your own man cave, a bar is one of the first things that springs to mind. We offer our Cabin Corner Bar and Low Top Log Bar to help kickstart your ultimate man cave.

Man Cave Log Cabin from Dunster House with corner bar and pool table


Everyone has a television, so in order for your man cave to be up to scratch, you’re going to have to step your game up. The common saying is…the bigger the better and this certainly applies to your man cave. The market is constantly receiving innovations, with 4K ready televisions making gaming, watching sport or films all the more thrilling. Televisions have been around for years, with prices for larger television falling all the time, you can now find yourself picking up a massive 50’ television for as little as £300.

Man Cave Log Cabin from Dunster House with pool table

Games Console

So, you’ve just picked up your humungous television, complete with surround sound. Chances are, most men have already invested in a games console. But, if you haven’t already (or are rocking an outdated console) picking up a console is paramount to a fully-functioning man cave. In the current generation, Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft’s Xbox One (XB1) are the only consoles with a Blu-Ray player built right in (or an application) to make it easy to watch films. Providing you have internet connection (which I’m sure you have) you can download apps online. Personally, I have Netflix and Amazon Video installed just in case I want to switch from gaming to a movie marathon.

Man Cave Log Cabin from Dunster House with cinema canvas

Pool Table

While the man caves of today should be stocked with modern amenities, don’t forget to supply your manly retreat with the classics. A pool table is a must have. It certainly brings out the competitiveness in all of us. Especially if you haven’t been as successful on the games console as your friend. A spot of pool can be the perfect chance for you to redeem yourself. A pool table can make the room much more usable. Who doesn’t love a game of pool?

Man Cave Log Cabin from Dunster House with corner bar and pool table

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April 8, 2017

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