Twisted timber

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Timber is a natural product. Occasionally you will find some twisted timber panels. This is not a cause of panic and doesn’t need to be replaced. It can be installed. It is easy to identify twisted timber as it will be warped, meaning that it will not be straight and you may think you won’t be able to use it – we assure you, you can. Follow these simple steps or watch our Director Andy Murphy explain in this video

If your Bearers are twisted. Simply turn the timber on its side so that the warped side is facing the floor. Although this may seem unstable, as it will have a slight ‘bouncy’ feel as the middle will be arched upwards causing a gap. Don’t worry. As you build your Log Cabin, the weight of the additional timber will push the warped beam down and make it as secure as the rest.

Cabin base walls
To rectify double twisted timber, by which we mean one that is warped and also rotates in the middle slightly, is as simple as the bearer above. Start by fixing the wall log into the bearer below with a drill (as per instructions) and secure it into position. As you move down the wall log, secure it at regular intervals, pulling it in as you do so that it is forced to rectify itself. With the help of a friend, pull the end of the timber into position and hold it firmly before securing it down with a screw. This will help keep the timber straight and make it easy to build.

Twisted Wall Log
You will occasionally get twisted timber in your cabin walls. This is perfectly natural. Whereas with the cabin base wall you would secure these in place with a screw, our notch system means that you don’t have too. Ensure the log beneath it is straight as it will act as a guide and slot the wood into place. The twisted end can be clamped, or pushed with the help of a friend, into place before you hammer it down with a mallet to put it in place. This will help it to straighten out naturally. Intersperse twisted wall logs with straight ones to help them remain secure and bridge any gaps that may appear.

As you can see, twisted timber is nothing to worry about and you can easily build your Log Cabin with them. As much as we would love for there to be no twisted timber, this is not a possibility as trees do not naturally grow straight.

April 1, 2015

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