The ultimate summer accessory!

Pergola Dunster House Ultimate Summer Accessory

We are very proud of our range of Garden Buildings. We truly believe that our products are the best that you will find, but we know that our Pergola and Arbours are sometimes overshadowed by the amazing Log Cabins currently on sale, after reading this blog you will all be rushing to buy this!

Pergolas, for those who do not know, are conventionally arched structures that are perfect for gardens. Ours are uniquely triangular in shape, making them a perfect cover for outside dining areas. You can choose to decorate them with lights, flowers and even fresh fruit. We have seen some outstandingly decorated Pergola’s.


Our Pergola’s are a necessity for your garden, specifically designed to be the ultimate resting place for you. We have added a table so you can rest your drink while you lay back and take in some of the summer sunshine with your friends and family. The trellised back is perfect for our climbing plants such as Scarlett Morning Glory, Golden Hop or Wisteria Sinesis. They will add some colour to your garden area. Our pressure treated timber ensures that the structure will not fall victim to rot and infestation so you can have garden parties all year round.


Arbours provide a more intimate feel to your garden. Sit and chat with your loved one, or sit alone and watch the world pass by, with our sheltered arbours. The curved bench and side table ensure that you will have a more comfortable sitting experience, void of sharp edges and splinters. With the beauty of the arbour speaking for itself, decoration really is not needed, but we have added trellis to either side so you can decorate it if you so wish.

So, you have made the right choice, and purchased the must have for a summer in the garden. Now, how to decorate it to make it stand out, we have already mentioned climbing flowers but we are talking about the ultimate in luxury.


This cost effective method makes a huge difference! Create amazing ambient lighting by simply wrapping battery operated lights around the timber structure. You can choose any type of lights, colours, styles and brightness to make your pergola the brightest in town. These lights will be visible both day and night, creating the perfect atmosphere for a BBQ that carries on well into the evening.


Summer is the most popular season for weddings, christening, birthdays, engagements and various other substantial milestones. With these events becoming more costly, why not throw a party at home to celebrate the event. A little bit of fabric draped decoratively over your pergola is an easy way to add a little bit of extra style.


This may be a little trickier so it is something for an avid gardener. Why not grow climbing fruit such as strawberries over the top of your pergola? It’ll give you a unique twist on a classic garden building. It will be a great talking point as your guests pick their own fresh fruit that is then served up to them for desert or a simple snack.

July 25, 2014

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