Roof Insulation so good, NASA uses it!

Roof Insulation Dunster House

Dunster House roof insulation is made by bonding together an MFP board and 50mm polyurethane insulation. The MFP board acts as a top layer, between the insulation and the chosen roofing material.

Looking at the image you can see how the roof of one of our log cabins is made up. First the 19mm Tongue and Groove roof boards, then the polyurethane /MFP goes on top. The MFP board is then covered by the roofing material, in this case shingles, giving your log cabin a roof thickness of approximately 80mm.


Roof Insulation Dunster House

As our roof boards are 19mm thick, you can screw through the insulation sheet where ever you please, without having to locate a purlin. From inside the log cabin you will see attractive Tongue & Groove roof boards, the roof insulation fits on top of the roof boards and is not visible, therefore not spoiling the overall appearance of your cabin.

This quick and convenient method allows for speedy installation.

  • Hello

    On here you mention the overall roof thickness as 80mm. But in the summerhouse specs you list the insulation as 25mm. 19mm for the roof boards, 25mm for the insulation and 10mm for the MFP board. That’s 54mm. Which corresponds to the 50mm fixing screws used.

    Also. On your reply above. You say the moisture barrier should be above the insulation. But your insulation is attached to the MFP board, how would you install the moisture barrier in this location?

    Thanks. Peter

    • Hi Beccy,

      I believe this would depend on which garden building you choose. However, this would be a question for our sales team who have extensive technical knowledge of all of our products. Why not give them a call on 01234 272 445? Or, alternatively, I can get them to give you a call. I would just need a few contact details 🙂

      Thank you.

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